Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Effective date: 19. June 12021 (Human Era)

Sprachen: Deutsch, Español

The following guidelines are here to ensure a smooth communication between everyone. We are here to enjoy the little things life has to offer and not step on our feet. People who infringe on this basic common sense rules will be given a chance to apologise appropriately. If no positive change in behaviour occurs within a sensible time frame of the warning, the perpetrator will be kicked out from any crowdwisely-activities and blacklisted accordingly. We forgive, but don't forget.

The rules are:

Telegram Group Chat

  • Everything pertaining to the specific activity (e.g.. "dance") can be discussed as such. Be it videos, events, fun facts, skills or resources need for it; or anything related to the activity. As these chats are highly focused around this one single activity, anything that seems too off-topic will be indicated as such and deleted.
  • Who can see my phone number?
  • What are secret chats?


As long as there is a high risk of infection, according measures will be taken to ensure the safety of all members. This means not organising any events that would put others at risk, and sharing some useful tips on how we can keep healthy and withstand this pandemic.

  • Upon receiving information about positive test cases, we kindly ask for confirmation from the afflicted persons. Any decisions will be based on verified, positive corona cases shared with one of the coordinators. All information shared with us will be handled with utmost privacy. You remain anonymous.
  • If you suspect you may have been infected with COVID-19 due to symptoms or of having had some contact with someone who was, you should test yourself immediately.

Harassment and Complaints With Private Messaging

  • In any case of harassment or complaints because of someone sending you private messages, we kindly ask you take a screenshot as proof and share it with one of the coordinators. The perpetrator will be removed from the group without warning and blocklisted Only after having made appropriate amends will this person be welcomed again.

No Advertisement

  • Seriously, advertising is fucking annoying. As a non-profit organisation, we stay true to our purpose and values. We will only promote things and events that follow some sensible guidelines as to how it helps carry out a certain crowdwisely-activity. Everything disclosed. Such a promotion guideline has yet to be established. Stay tuned.

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