Sainul Abid

1. Which element has the lowest melting point?

Ans:- Helium

2. The element with the highest densi-111:

Ans:- Osmium

3. The lightest metal:

Ans:- Lithium

4. The element with the highest boiling point:

Ans:- Tungsten

5. The most abundant elements in the Sun in the correct order:

Ans:- H,He,O

6. Which element has the second highest density?

Ans:- Iridium

7. The most abundant metal in human body:

Ans:- Calcium

8. What percent of the atmosphere is Oxygen?

Ans:- 20.95

9. What percent of the mass of human body is Oxygen?

Ans:- 65

10. Select the correct order of abundance in the atmosphere:

Ans:- N,O,Ar,CO2

11. The most common element on the earth's crust by mass:

Ans:- Oxygen

12. The most abundant element in the moon:

Ans:- Oxygen

13. Which metal has the highest melting point?

Ans:- Tungsten

14. The most abundant metal in Earth:

Ans:- Iron

15. The element with atomic number 100:

Ans:- Fermium 

16. Water has maximum density at ______ degree Celsius:

Ans:- 4

17. The gas using for filling balloons:

Ans:- Helium

18. Beryllium aluminum silicate is known as:

Ans:- Emerald

19. The isotope using for radio carbon dating:

Ans:- Carbon-14

20. Which is not correctly matched?

Ans:- Helium-Chemical sun

21. The best non-metallic conductor of electricity:

Ans:- Graphite

22. The first Trans Uranic element:

Ans:- Neptunium

23. Most chemically reactive element?

Ans:- Flourine

24. The colour of sodium vapour lamp:

Ans:- Yellow

25. The essential constituent chlorophyll:

Ans:- Magnisium

26. The first to isolate aluminium from bauxite:

Ans:- Charles Martin Hall

27. The main constituent of bone:

Ans:- Calcium phosphate

28. Which is used for the vulcanisation of rubber:

Ans:- Sulpher

29. The most abundant inert gas:

Ans:- Argon

30. Which is known as the 'metal of future'?

Ans:- Titanium 

31.Galvanisation is the process of coating of on other metals.

Ans:- Zinc

32. What is known as the ling of poi-sons'?

Ans:- Arsenic

33. What is used in fire works for red flame?

Ans:- Strontium

34. The first element that was produced artificially:

Ans:- Technitium

35. Chemical used for artificial rain:

Ans:- Silver iodide

36. The rarest metal:

Ans:- Rhodium

37. The best conductor of heat and electricity:

Ans:- Silver

38. The most electropositive stable element:

Ans:- Caesium

39. Barium imparts _____ colour to flames:

Ans:- Green

40. What is known as 'little silver'?

Ans:- Platinum

41. What is used as an X ray radio contrast agent?

Ans:- Barium

42. Semi conductor used for making integrated circuits:

Ans:- Germanium.

43. Number of Hydrogen atoms in a water molecule:

Ans:- 2

44. The only substance in exists in nature in three three forms- solid, liquid and gas:

Ans:- Water

45. Atomic number of Carbon:

Ans:- 6

46. Which is known as 'universal sol-vent'?

Ans:- Water

47. The total number of natural elements:

Ans:- 92

48. The poisonous gas emited from the engines of two wheelers:

Ans:- Carbon Monoxide

49. Gas filled in the tyres of aeroplanes:

Ans:- Helium I

50. The pH value of water:

Ans:- 7

51. Element which is used in Torch cell:

Ans:- Zinc

52. Non metal element present in liq-uid state:

Ans:- Bromine

53. Purest form of water:

Ans:- Rain water

54. Water has minimum density at _____ degree Celsius.

Ans:- 0

55. The most abundant salt in sea water:

Ans:- Sodium chloride

56. Colour of hydrogen gas:

Ans:- Colourless

57. Water is known as:

Ans:- Blue gold

58. Which is known as 'Chemical Sun'?

Ans:- Magnisium

59. Which is known as 'Yellow Cake'?

Ans:- Uranium oxide

60. Element formed during hydrogen bomb explosion:

Ans:- Helium

61. Which symbol is incorrect?

Ans:- Potassium-P

62. Ozone is a/an _____:

Ans:- Element

63. Nucleon is:

Ans:- Neutron+Proton

64. Element present in DNA and RNA:

Ans:- Phosphorus

65. Element present in all explosives:

Ans:- Nitrogen

66. Ithai-Ithai disease is caused by:

Ans:- Cadmium

67. Which element. has the name with the meaning 'stranger'?

Ans:- Xenon

68. Sweetest natural sugar:

Ans:- Fructose

69. Colour of chlorine vapour lamp:

Ans:- Green

70. The chemical that causes acid rain:

Ans:- Sulphur dioxide

71. Phenol is also known as:

Ans:- Carbolic acid