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The launch of the Alive Platform Casino occupies a larger gambling market


We are all basically gamblers. We like to take risks, but we don’t have enough space for this. A representative from Alive Casino will provide it to us and provide everything needed. Meet, the first casino in the world, based on blockbusters and crypto currencies. Such opportunities to play with true professionals that you don’t have. Add naturalness to this process, VR technology.


Alive Casino and virtual reality. 

No wonder the creators of the Alive Casino project drew attention to this technology, which is growing rapidly. This will help players to fully experience the realism present in real casinos. Alive Casino is a real casino atmosphere in your home.


Community Life Casino. 

All Alive Casino participants are a well-coordinated team that works for the benefit of the overall project. Each participant can interact with other participants and even communicate with the creators of the platform that ensures excellent free time, game security and personal data, confidentiality, and transparent payments to the winners.


Bonus from Alive Casino. 

Every project participant has the right to expect generous gifts. This is formed from the profit platform and accounts for 40% of the total amount received. Every three months, these valuable prizes will be withdrawn between system participants.


Alive Casino feature. 

The ability to play with VR technology is not the only positive side of the platform. Even if you don’t have an opportunity like that, you have the right to win the right equipment in one of the games. In addition, this platform has what is called Alive-player, where each participant can enjoy the game not only through VR, but also with the help of HD video.

Active-player assistants. 

Not all members of the platform can immediately understand the subtlety. For this purpose, the team has an assistant who will not only help to understand all the nuances of working on the platform, but also encourage the best combination in the game and force users to gain confidence in their actions. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on the platform you can find several assistants.

Games on the Alive Casino platform. 

Already, on the platform, there are about 10 full games. And everything will be suitable for everyone. You can see each game  here.


The symbol is AL; 

Soft Cap – 10 million dollars; 

Hard Cap – $ 30 million; 

Problem – 1 billion AL; 

Specifications – ERC20;

Token distribution.

Tokens.jpg distribution

. 70% or 700 million public tokens are sold; 

. 5% or 50 million tokens provided for further study; 

. 4% or 40 million tokens provided for the needs of project award participants (bonuses, tournaments, jackpots and more); 

. 15% or 150 million tokens provided for project founders (frozen for a year); 

. 3% or 30 million tokens provided for legal fees and consultation; 

3% or 30 million. Tokens will be given to the needs of the Bounty and AirDrop campaigns.

Distribution of funds collected.

Distribution of funds collected.jpg

33% will be allocated for further product development; 

20% will go into VR scope, blocking system, payment system, etc .; 

6% will be given to the team, to maintain efficiency; 

30% will go to the marketing platform and promote it to the masses; 

7% will be spent on the cost of obtaining a new license, terminating the partnership agreement, and for building cooperation and communication with potential customers; 

4% will continue to sell tokens, audits, advertisements, etc.


1 sq. M. 2018 – market analysis, making designs for projects, creating websites. 

2 sq. M. 2018 – software development, conclusion of partnership agreement, site creation for token sales, Whitepaper release. 

3 sq. M. 2018 – the beginning of the sale of closed tokens and for individuals, the development of the kickoff platform, the creation of a Hold Wallet beta version. 

4 sq. M. 2018 – starting from the initial general sale of tokens, testing the operational capabilities of the platform, starting sales of public tokens, production of Multi Wallet workers. 

1 sq. M. 2019 – official launch of the Alive Casino platform, listing on the exchange, developing new games for VR. 

2 sq. M. 2019 – output from Dompet Tahan, distribution of funds collected, commencement of the construction of Live Games Studio itself.

3 sq. M. 2019 – installation and integration of Live Games Studio, invitations and assistant training. 

4 sq. M. 2019 – the final stage of making Live Games studio, the invitation of new employees. 

1 sq. M. 2020 – testing new games for Alive Casino. 

2 sq. M. 2020 – final distribution of profits, integration platform with Multi Wallet.


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