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Definition of bypass - a road passing round a town or its centre to provide an alternative route for through traffic., a secondary channel, pipe, or conn. 17 mars 2017 Tout savoir sur le bypass gastrique : mode d'action, fonctionnement, avantages, inconvenients, complications, bypass estomac. Bypass (audio), in effects units, a switch that allows sound. Bypass (computing), in computing, circumventing security features in hacking, or taking a different approach to an issue in troubleshooting. Bypass (road), a road that avoids a built-up area (not to be confused with passing lane) Bypass surgery. Synonyms for bypass at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. a means of redirecting the flow of a substance around an appliance through which it would otherwise pass. 4. (surgery) the redirection of blood flow, either to avoid a diseased blood vessel or in order to perform heart surgery See coronary bypass. (as modifier): bypass surgery. A bypass is a surgical operation performed on or near the heart, in which the flow of blood is redirected so that it does not flow through a part of the heart which is Le bypass est l'operation « standard » de la chirurgie de l'obesite, c'est l'operation la plus couramment realisee et qui semble donner les meilleurs resultats au bypass meaning, definition, what is bypass: to avoid something by going around it: . Learn more. There is also a strip of asphalt near Haryan Way that will be turned into a regular median, and that roadway bypass that everyone has been using for the past

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