Description: Plug & Play protocol for commercial real estate

Date of Token Sale: 

2018-04-18 - 2018-05-08

About the project:

Blocksquare is a network of tokenized CRE properties, backed by Proof of Title, the protocol linking tokenized properties with title data from traditional land registries. The Ethereum based blockchain layer is supported by a platform that enables regular user interactions and a decentralized marketplace for tokenized property exchange. Similar to how Amadeus or Sabre systems provide the infrastructure for airline companies to sell tickets trough online retailers, Blocksquare is developing the infrastructure layer and standard for real estate tokenization and fractional ownership so retail providers can then develop their services on top. In short, Blocksquare is set to opens access to real estate investment opportunities on a global level to anyone with an internet connection. 


  • From local to global

For established local real estate businesses.

Out of the box solution.

No blockchain development needed.

Each single property sold to 100s of users.

  • For Crypto and Regular users 

Buy property investments with EUR or ETH.

No currency risk with fiat option.

Receive generated rent to your wallet.

New selling point for local real estate agents.

  • Blockchain

Built on top of 0xproject technology.

Fully decentralized - You control your assets.

Liquidity for your property tokens.

Unstoppable 24/7 trading

Upcoming pilots

Q2 2018

First property token to be deployed through pilot in Slovenia!

Q2-Q3 2018

Taking experience to Luxembourg, Europe's financial epicenter


An opportunity to explore the regulatory framework and make it work in Switzerland!


An experience in Croatia to allow regional expansion

Token Sale:

Token: BST

Hardcap: 300k USD

Price 1 BST = 0,25 USD

Accept: ETH