Block Collider

Block Collider

banteg x milkyklim

Hey kids, today we are building Block Collider that has just opensourced its node.

The project is written from scratch in Javascript with some Rust code. The development activity started in September 2017 with 3 developers actively working on the project. Project's CTO Tomáš Korčák (korczis) is the most active contributor with a very impressive GitHub activity with 132 own repositories. Have a look at his project written in Elixir. The other contributor is Adam Kloboučník (akloboucnik) who acts as Core Developer. We couldn't identify another developer who started the repo, but he goes by the name PM (mmpmm).

We created a new server to make the cleanest build possible. The project is packaged using Docker, so setting it up should be a breeze. The initial build failed after 20 minutes. We reached out to developers and Tomáš delivered a hotfix in a few minutes which is very impressive.

The next build took 25 minutes. It was a success. We launched the node and saw it collecting blocks from several blockchains.

Some overall comments on the GitHub repo and the way it's maintained:

  • Most of the features are developed using branches which is a good practice.
  • Travis is used for continuous integration which is great.
  • Some issues were closed without comments and without any commit reference, so it's hard to see if they were fixed or dismissed.

  • We found a hardcoded Infura token in the repo. "ID we found in github", seriously? When storing an ID is unavoidable, it's better to use widely known public ones like "mew" or "metamask".
  • Then we studied hardcoded API keys more carefully and have found a couple more. We are certain the guys are trolling people that upload their keys to GitHub. Not sure if the project repo is a proper place for this, but we had a good laugh.
  • They had a milestone called "ASAP – Before ICO" in their git repository.

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