Traditional centralized organizations are full of inefficiencies, tools they are using for the work is too expensive and inaccurate. It is a distributed application (dApp) it is aiming for the organizations to improve their workflows, and get rid of repetitive processes and to quantify the structured and unstructured data.


BBOS is a next-gen token managed and governed platform. Composed of a series of keenly intellective accedences and decentrally stored info, BLACKBOX OS looks to efficaciously reduce copy and perpetual workflows, enhance collaboration and equitably allocate rewards predicated on more objective evolutions.

The upcoming work is here, and conventional organizations peregrinate from antiquated, commercial business models, they will require an interface among present paper and digital accedences. BLACKBOX OS connects the gap between the decentralized world and lets firms to unleash the energy of allocated tech and AI or Artificial Astuteness. The evolution and development of decentralized platforms will drastically enhance human cooperation and eliminate costs by empowering individual’s nodes throughout the network.

BBOS is a smooth, evolving commerce OS for the upcoming for work and accommodates as a gateway to link with the BLACKBOX platform. Profoundly personalize, contributors firms are capable to become more efficacious, and the participants are given the equipment to accomplish more.

More About BBOSS

The network, OS, business model and underlying philosophy describe the way challenges of centralized and hierarchical inefficiencies; by the re-imagining what a firm is at its core. The main focus will be on interoperability between and within the organization while keeping separate governance. The BLACKBOX platform is composed of tech, processes, system partners, and participants from across the Globe.

Staffs are empowered to describe predilections for the orchestration, follow intrinsic motivations, and participate where they can integrate the most worth. Influence is gained via a value system by the consensus voting or by demonstrating one’s execution practices.

More and more, people wish to cumulate who they’re and what they do into a logical sense of self. By facilitating a workforce to describe their own components, involution, plans and beyond, BLACKBOX inserts autonomy back in the potencies of individuals, who find the caliber of values and vocation that guides to the ideal performances.

How Does It Work ?

The BLACKBOX network subsists to offer a next-gen commerce system to empower the next-gen worker. More than only a gig economy, they are building a sole system with share bond across the mundane good. The projects are divided among able people predicated on matches for ideal fit and value. BLACKBOX substratum works on behalf of the consummate team to ascertain prompt payment and the BBOS manages interoperability among many firms.

Every co-op team members receive 80% of their side of the projected income. The remnant peregrinates to a typical fund covers expenses for consummate members (licit, operations, sales, reviews, licensing, etc). The entire payments go via BLACKBOX. And participants are compensated through BLACKBOX OS tokens to ascertain a frictionless change of resources in the genuine world, with genuine USD Mazuma from customers held in reserve to offer members with pellucidness.

The Cyber World is to commence with the most sought-after experts in AI, data science, computer version, contrivance learning, block-chain and lot of other transformative techs across several disciplines. As they grow the base of their community and BBOS, their long-run version is to move the world via DAP or Distributable value points, proposal, POVP across firms, GOVT, and edification to describe genuine world issues.

Humans are able of extraordinary things, in the best state, and bolstered by the avail of Artificial Astuteness, they can empower staffs to access incipient ranks, regardless of their background, position, facility set or socio-economic value.


• The BBOS token is a unit of reputation and exchange with BLACKBOX network system.

• Contributors are empowered to describe predilections for a work plan, categories, and segments.

• BLACKBOX OS provenance ecosystem are described as contrivance learning system AI configured with keenly intellective accedence block tech that automatic source attribution of info

• A plethora of features let BBOS contributors make value and invest in accommodations that are inner to the innate system. Token owners can utilize the toke to place proposal, reach accommodations and vote on decisions that impact them.

Proposal Module in BBOS

They believe that academic papers lone are not enough and their techniques have been battle tested predicated on genuine world issues, revenue, client pain points, and a broader system build over the past year. Times are expeditiously transmuting, and institution requires guidance on how to maneuver in this incipient Globe.

Fundamental Information

• Token : BBOS

• Price : 1 BBOS = $0.16

• Bonus : Yes

• Bounty : Yes

• Platform : ETH

• Accepting : ETH and BTC

• Hard cap : $10,000,000

• Country : Honking

• Restricted areas : USA and China

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