BLACKBOX Foundation - Business Operating System.

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What is Blackbox?

Blackbox is a group of over 60 doctors, executives and technologists joining forces to create the future of work - decentralization. The Blackbox token is used to manage people, groups, and projects in the form of distributed business operating systems. The proposed DVP protocol is the factors that are leading to a no-charge platform, politics, and other bloated traditional organizations. The malicious discredited protocol actors and rewarded those who pursue common interests.

About BLACKBOX Foundation

Here It goes a decentralized network to manage the long run of work. A more practical and structure form of labor built on the Block empowers next-gen staffs and boosts human price. Supported with AI support and an intensive community network, this may empower distributed employees to achieve new heights no matter their background, location, expertise, or socio-economic standing.

  • interoperability: Interoperability among system members that don't share the similar governance mildew to design
  • Compensation: fully honest compensation results in higher engagement and super work quality
  • Module Marketplace: The many configurable modules finding widespread indecencies are composed by this BBOS Operating system

how this works

BBOS uses a protocol (DVP Proposal) to standardize the work method not affected by social factors, that the platform is totally free. The platform is additionally connected to the Proof useful (PoV) protocol, that provides a agreement to confirm that correct and correct compensation prices scale back the transaction fees. The sub-module below the projected DVP protocol can facilitate estimate Accurately compensate and make amends for the contribution of their price, improve fairness and inclination within the geographic point.

Blackbox Protocol

The Deliverable price Points (DVP Proposal) protocol isn't influenced by socioeconomic factors leading to a platform that's freed from charge, politics, and bloat different ancient organizations. The Protocol disregards the evil actors and rewards people who pursue the good. By marrying this with the Proof useful (PoV) protocol, we offer agreement and agreement agreements on every job to confirm applicable compensation, and payment systems that scale back group action prices and speed up payments. This initial sub-module can utilize the DVP Proposal protocol to accurately estimate and compensate contributors for the actual and unbiased price they add.

What live} the technique use for measure the value

  • Accuracy: the Block technology offers US with changelessness and perfection because the basis of allotted ledger techs. Via a mix of on and off-chain cupboard space, they earn the benefits of decentralization.
  • Transparency: Suggestions are voted within the BLACKBOX platform and want agreement to be auctioned. Not simply will inner members and external token house owners, see the suggestion, they’re capable to feature feedback and have sound in what's auctioned.
  • Clear Expectations: compensations are arranged at the amount of suggestion. With clear, quantitative milestone and skilled Conesus, we tend to see this is often a large profit over the standard approach to set up and the task management.

The BBOS Tokens will be registered or provided for exchange of different cryptanalytic tokens and / or paper currency, and therefore the BBOS Tokens dare not give any guarantee given the (volume) capability of the potential exchange. It ought to be expressly warned, that such exchanges, if any, is also subject to poorly understood regulative oversight.

Blackbox makes no warranties with regard to any exchange service supplier. Participants is also exposed to fraud and failure. In any case, Blackbox won't modify BBOS Token exchanges for different cryptanalytic tokens or enactment currencies.


Blackbox token isn't a shopper product and its holder accepts expressly and agrees that they're not protected by the buyer protection rules of any jurisdiction.

Each acquiring Party shall be guaranteed to check whether or not the acquisition and disposal of the BBOS Token is legal in their jurisdiction, and by acceptive these Terms, every Participant undertakes to not use a BBOS Token if its use isn't valid within the relevant jurisdiction.

Sales and distribution of BBOS Tokens can solely be offered through the web site. No third party websites or different suppliers are allowed to distribute and sell BBOS Tokens. No third party websites or completely different suppliers are allowed and not supported, engaged, approved or supported by Blackbox and don't have any reference to the Blackbox company.

Tokensale Details

The order of distribution of ICO tokens: 

Pre-sale 1: continues until July 25! 

Pre-sale 2: July 26-August 3 

Deposit: ETH / BTC 

Token: BBOS 

Total will be issued: 1,000,000,000 tokens 

Selected pre-sale tokens 1 : 37,500,000 Selected pre-sale 

tokens 2: 

58,333,333 Dedicated tokens for major sales : 250 000 000 

Pre-installation Hardcape: 10M $ USD 

Price of the marker: 0.16 $ USD 

Pre-sale 1 bonus: 50% 

Pre-sale 2 bonus: 25% 

Minimum investment: 20 ETH (for both rounds of pre-sale) 

US citizens and China can not participate.

Roadmap project

Conclusion on the project: 

The task that the project itself poses is very global and concerns every person, since work is an important part of our life. To optimize the whole process and implement the blockade, considerable effort will be required in this area. The project has an experienced team of developers working in companies with a global reputation - this is an important success factor.

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Author ; Melati21

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ETH address ; 0x838d9F4750DFC63f9A75bdA335840C0A84aD3afc