Big Data Architect в Teradata

Big Data Architect в Teradata

Main responsibilities

The Solution Architect’s main responsibilities include:

• Designing enterprise-grade infrastructures for Clients and technically overseeing their planning, evaluation, implementation and evolution

• Workshopping with Clients to understand their technologies, business situation and goals

• Documenting workshops and defining plans to address discovered requirements for:

o Proof of concept solutions

o Production-grade solutions

• Assisting commercial negotiations

• Guide Client and Think Big teams implementing solutions


• Understand the Client and ensure Client success

• Be the go-to trusted solution architecture expert for Clients and Think Big technical teams

• Guide Clients from legacy to scalable modern future-proof infrastructure

• Enable Clients to do what they do better, e.g. faster, cheaper, more reliably

• Open up opportunities for Clients, e.g. new ways of exploiting data

• Identify patterns across engagements and work with peers in Think Big to develop repeatable solutions

• Provide thought leadership

Specific responsibilities

Advise organisations on how to make Big Data technologies like the Hadoop ecosystem work for them.

Support brand, Sales staff and Account Managers by:

• Identifying opportunities

• Demonstrating to Clients the benefits of modern data architectures

• Networking with relevant stakeholders to support account management

• Participate in calls and meetings

• Present thought leading perspectives at internal and external forums, conferences, community meetups


• Develop and lead workshops with Clients to plan activities

• Understand business drivers, functional and non-functional requirements

• Document outcomes and write commercial proposals

• Define solution architecture and planned activities

Advise senior stakeholders:

• Become a point of contact for solution architecture

• Proactively advise on needs and issues as well as derive solutions

• Guide and support planning of training activities for the Client staff

• Work alongside Data Architect to bring to life the solution and solve Client use cases


• Guide implementation of Big Data platforms by technical teams

• Contribute to and help establish client and company best practice and quality standards


• Provide general documentation on (Big) Data solution architectures

• Provide specific documentation to support Client material, e.g. wikis, for onboarding and guiding day to day operations

• Identify and create patentable artefacts, intellectual property, design documents and author articles/papers


• Excellent interpersonal skills with senior stakeholders and technical staff

• Strong verbal and written communication, with good exposure to working in a cross-cultural environment and the ability to present comfortably to senior management

• Knowledge and experience of data platforms, such as:

• relational database systems

• data warehouse or other OLAP systems

• NoSQL platforms

• Big data platforms such as Hadoop (MapReduce, Pig, Hive, ...), Spark, Storm, Cassandra, HBase, Elasticsearch, Mesos, etc.

• Breadth of knowledge of technical systems, including enterprise, distributed and n-tier systems across multiple domains

• Breadth of knowledge of technologies, including languages, frameworks and their required skillsets

• Ability to design and understand how to broadly utilise these platforms in enterprise production settings

• Experience of working with engineering teams across the delivery lifecycle to assist in the realisation of production architectures 

• Experience in delivering large enterprise-level applications

• Highly structured and analytical thinking and decision making

• Knowledge of architectural standards (such as TOGAF and Archimate)

• Experience of coaching junior team members

• Developed practical solutions based on the latest industry developments

• Evidence of self-driven research

• Technical background


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