Dear Customer,


with reference to information about our products included in the 2018 catalogue, please find below some links for the download of the relevant files.


The first link enables the download of an excel file including full texts of our items, as well as codes and detailed descriptions.

Please note that, if you do not want to import full data of products into your system , you may choose the link in the excel file to the product data sheet of our website. In this case you can open the complete product page (continuously up-to-date) published in our official BETA website with just a click on the link.


Download XLS


A click on the link below will allow downloading all the images (jpg format, 800 pixel) mentioned in the above file. It is just a zip.archieve to be unpacked. In this zip file you will find a folder named “icons” including technical icons identifying our products and mentioned in the excel file (specially assigned to products):


Download JPG (+icone)


You will also find a folder including all product data sheets (PDF format) that you may want to attach, display and allow download from your own website.

Please refer to following link


Download PDF


Please download the special fonts ArialBeta to use technical data (columns BV to CO) here:


Download ArialBeta

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards