bServed is your reliable assistant in Transitional Care Management

bServed is your reliable assistant in Transitional Care Management


Transitional care management is an important step in the delivery of healthcare services to patients. While the healthcare system in the United States is considered one of the best in the world, it is not without some flaws. We are here to right some wrongs and help your healthcare facility reach a whole new level and increase patient loyalty.

During times of transition, a patient may not receive proper care, medication schedules are disrupted, and you may not be able to move quickly from one clinic to another. We have a solution. It is the TCM program, about which you can learn all the details at and get answers to the questions you are most interested in.

Benefits of working with bServed

The transitional care management program we have developed consists of several components:

  • managing medication administration processes;
  • scheduling appointments with medical professionals;
  • organizing a dialogue between health care providers;
  • patient counseling and education.

Together, these components ensure a comprehensive approach to meet each patient's needs at all stages of transition.

Our bServer has many advantages that make our services quality and efficient. One of the key features is the utilization of advanced technology to enhance the management of transitional care. Special innovative platforms allow access to medical records, prescriptions and instructions for medications. In this way, the attending physician can digitally enable an easy and seamless transition process for their patient in a convenient digital format.

Transition management is an indicator that modern healthcare facilities in the U.S. are committed to improving the quality and consistency of care for their customers at every stage, from the first visit to the hospital, to returning home after a full recovery. By utilizing our TCM practices in your facility, you can improve the efficiency of care and place a greater emphasis on your patients' health.

Together, we can help people make a smooth transition between care settings, protect them from re-hospitalization and complications, and help them regain their lost health with the most effective and modern methods.

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