Description: Retirement planning on blockchain

Date of Token Sale: 

2018-03-27 - 2018-03-31

About the project:

the project aims to improve the pension market by increasing transparency and eliminating such problems as corporate governance, corruption, fraud, bribery and bureaucracy, as well as reducing operating costs


  • Better corporate governance. Management is improved by the transparency of smart contracts.
  • Automated collection of contributions and pension payments. Payment of contributions or withdrawal of funds becomes a lot easier because all the mechanisms are defined in smart contracts and can be automated.
  • Transparency of costs. All fees will be automatically charged to your transactions. The cost of these fees is determined publicly in smart contracts, and each fee is permanently registered in the blockchain.
  • Protection from fraud. Fraud related to the terms of payment and theft of funds can be eliminated after all transactions are recorded in the blockchain.
  • Control of insurance premiums. Using smart contracts registered in the blockchain, everyone can know exactly the nuances of insurance payments.
  • Cost-effective data management. Technology can significantly reduce the cost of servers, storage, and maintenance personnel.

Token Sale:

Token : AUC

Hardcap: 20млн USD

Price 2000 AUC = 1 ETH

Accept: ETH