and Her Pet

and Her Pet

Editor's Note: this submission contains fictional characters using racial, ethnic, gender- or orientation-based slurs.


I was always a big girl. When in elementary school, I could kick all of my classmates' asses, whether male or female. By high school, a few of the boys were bigger and stronger, but I could still whip most of them. By the time we graduated, I was 5'9" tall and a solid 170 pounds. My name is LaKeesha, and I have no idea where my mother came up with that name.

After graduation, I got a job pushing paper with the veterans' administration office in town. Talk about having it made. I got a decent wage, the best healthcare available and a top-notch pension when I retire. Not only that, but it was a federal government job, so obviously, I didn't have to work very hard. But the best part was, since I'm black, anytime anyone did or said something I didn't like, I would just mention racism and the honkeys would run for cover. So, I had it made in the shade.

I gave up dating shortly after graduating from high school. All those niggers wanted to do was fuck me, and most of the time without even taking me out to dinner. Shit, I had a drawer full of toys that served the same purpose, so I sure didn't need no lame ass nigger shooting his seed all over me.

By the time I was 29 years old, I had bought a small house, put on 105 pounds and found a roommate. Yeah, I tipped the scale at 275 pounds now, and I was no longer solid. I had big fat titties and a gut. I had a huge ass and I measured about 46 (FF) -- 38 -- 48. But the good thing was, my roommate Sasha was about the same size, and she didn't care how big I was. She was 5'7" and weighed in around 245 pounds. But I didn't care how big she was, because us two big fat black chicks got it on with each other. We used toys, rolled around on each other and ate each other out and enjoyed our time together. I was definitely happy, but something seemed to be missing.

A couple times a week, I stopped at the local convenience store for cigarettes and Coke. The same skinny little white bitch runs the cash register every morning. She looks to be about 18 or 19 and it looks like a mild wind could blow her away. She was always polite, and even refers to me as 'Ma'am.' I never gave the little bitch a second thought until one day, I dropped my ciggies on the floor and turned to pick them up. While bent over, I looked back and saw the young girl staring at my big ass. I didn't really think much of it until the next day. On my way to the cooler to get my two liters of Coke, I looked into the security mirror and saw that, instead of waiting on the customer at the register, she was staring at my ass again.

As I was paying for my Coke, I said, "You wait on me every day. What's your name?"

"S-s-susie," she said as she kept glancing at my huge sagging titties.

"Well, hello Susie. I'm LaKeesha." She smiled and took my money.

As I turned to walk to my car, I saw her reflection in the window as she stared at my departing ass again.

That night, I told Sasha about the skinny little white bitch who kept staring at my ass and titties. I told her that Susie had tiny little titties, probably an 'A' or 'B' cup, but her legs seemed very shapely, for a skinny girl. She laughed and said, "Wouldn't it be nice to have our own little white bitch?"

I grinned at my roommate and said, "Yeah. She could wait on us and do whatever we told her to do. Maybe I'll work on it."

A few days later, I was the only customer in the store. When I went to the register, I noticed Susie staring at my titties, so I said, "You like them big titties, Susie?" She kept staring and nodded her head. I grinned at her and said, "Would you like to get up close with them, baby girl?" Susie's expression never changed as she briefly hesitated and then nodded her head again. I pulled out a piece of scrap paper from my pocket and wrote my address on it and slid it across the counter. I smiled at the little bitch and said, "Come after 6:00 tonight," and then walked out without paying for my cigarettes and Coke.

That evening, Sasha and I had just started on our second rum and Coke when there was a knock on the door. When I answered the door, I was pleased to see Susie standing there. The look on her face showed her to be afraid of the unknown, so I reached out my hand to her. She took my hand and I gently pulled her inside. I stood back and admired the cute little white bitch. She looked to be about 5'2" tall, and I would guess she weighed 95 to 100 pounds. She had a short little skirt and a tight tee shirt on, and as I looked at her, I saw her look over my shoulder and her fearful look returned.

"Well, what have we here?" Sasha asked smiling. "Hello, little one. I'm Sasha."

Her voice squeaked as she said, "I-I'm S-susie." She hesitated and then added, "I-I-I'm n-not sure tha . . . I'm not sure that I should b-be here."

Her eyes were as big as saucers as I stepped forward and reached out my hand. As I touched her cheek with the back of my hand, she closed her eyes. I slowly moved my hand down her cheek and she moaned, "Mmmm." My hand continued down her arms as Sasha stepped behind her and lifted her tee shirt over her head without any resistance. As Sasha was removing Susie's shirt, I stepped back and slid my own shirt off and then stepped forward and put my hand gently back on her cheek. Her eyes remained closed as Sasha stooped and slid Susie's skirt and panties over her thin hips. They fell to the floor leaving Susie naked between Sasha and I.

We both stepped back, and after a few seconds, Susie opened her eyes. Once again, they were as big as saucers as they stared at my big fat titties. I saw her wet her lips as she continued to stare. I reached out my hand and she did the same. Without much effort, I pulled her to me and buried her pretty face between my two big titties. I grabbed my tits and moved them around her face and heard her moaning, "Ohhhh. Mmmmm, yessss."

As I looked over the white girl's head, Sasha winked at me and then took off her shorts. For the next few minutes, I moved my titties all over Susie's face. Finally, I grabbed her hair and pulled her face back. As I bent to kiss her, she closed her eyes and welcomed my big lips on her own. I heard and felt her lightly moaning during our kiss. As we broke our kiss, I looked over her head again, and saw Sasha smile at me and then turn and lean slightly over the back of the couch. She reached her hands back and spread her two gigantic ass cheeks.

I gave Susie another quick kiss and then gently turned her body around. With my arm around her, we took the three steps toward Sasha, and then I put both hands on her shoulders. Without applying any pressure, Susie dropped to her knees. Her eyes were glued to the massive ass only 18 inches away. Sasha looked over her shoulder and smiled at me, and I put my hand on the back of Susie's head. Without having to apply any pressure, her head slowly moved forward towards the big black ass. When she was just inches away, her tongue left her mouth and she licked Sasha's ass cheek and then began kissing them. Her face slid between the two big cheeks like it was meant to be there. She put her hands-on Sasha's cheeks and began working on her ass.

I heard Sasha say, "Yesss, that's it, baby girl." Susie continued to lick Sasha's ass until I heard, "Unnngggh! Oh fuck!" I knew she had shoved her tongue deep into Sasha's ass.

I stood back and picked up my drink and cigarette and watched the young skinny white girl rimming my roommate and lover. I grinned as Susie's head was almost completely swallowed by Sasha's huge ass. It looked like the young girl was giving the older black woman's ass hole a real workout. After about 10 minutes, Sasha screamed, "Oh fuck! I'm coming! I'm coming! Yes! Yes! Ahhhhh!" She let loose and her juices and her piss drenched Susie's face and the floor beneath her. Susie didn't back off, and kept eating the bigger woman's ass.

Finally, I grabbed Susie's hair and forcefully pulled her face from Sasha's ass as Sasha fell over the back of the couch and landed on the seat. The young white girl's face was drenched with cum and piss, but I used her hair to shove her face to the linoleum floor where she licked and lapped up Sasha's juices. When she was finished, she looked up at me with her big eyes, much like a puppy looks at her master when seeking approval.

I smiled down at her and lifted her by her hair. We walked a few seps away and then I bent over a chair. Before I could reach back and spread my ass cheeks, I felt Susie's hands on my cheeks and I felt her begin kissing my massive ass. The little bitch attacked my ass with a vengeance and had me coming in just a few minutes. She attacked my ass like it was her last meal. It didn't take too long before I had a second orgasm. Well fuck me. I had never had an orgasm without having something in my pussy before, but this little minx just rimmed me to two orgasms in less than 15minutes.

Once again, it took a little force to pull her face from between my cheeks. And without any encouragement, she dropped to the floor and licked any juices that escaped from me, and then looked back up at me like a small puppy. I looked at her and then looked across the room at Sasha, who was smiling at me. The unspoken message that went between s was clear, "We gotta keep this little honkey bitch."

I helped Susie to her feet and she smiled at me. "Did I do OK?" She asked. "Can I come back again? Please?"

I tried to look serious and pretended to think about it. "Hmmmm," I said.

"Please?" She begged. "I'll do anything. Please."

I looked over Susie's head and saw the look on Sasha's face, which pretty much said, "If you tell her no, I'm gonna kill you and cut you into little pieces and feed you to the pigeons."

I winked at Sasha and then looked down at Susie. "Sure Susie. Why don't you come back in two days after 6:00, OK?"

Her whole face lit up and she surprised me when she threw her arms around me and shoved her face between my sagging titties squealing, "Yesss! Yesss! I can't wait." I felt her kissing my titties until I pulled her face away.

I said, "Get dressed and go home, Susie. We'll see you in a couple of days."

She got dressed and then kissed each of us good bye. After she left, I said, "So what do you think, Sasha?"

She grinned at me and said, "I think we found our little honkey bitch, Keesh."

Two days later when I stopped for my cigarettes and Coke, she asked, "Can I sill come over tonight LaKeesha?"

I smiled and said, "Of course you can. But I want you to call me 'Miss Keesha' and call Sasha 'Miss Sasha,' understand?" Susie quickly nodded her head. "And you'll be our little bitch, OK? Or maybe you can be our little pet Susie." Again, she quickly nodded her head.

When Susie arrived that evening, we decided to play with our new pet. We took her to my room and laid her on the king size bed. Sasha and I took turns sitting on the white girl's face while using vibrators on her clit and dildos in her pussy. She licked both of us to orgasm and rimmed our asses. We, in turn, gave our little bitch so many orgasms that she was incoherent when she tried to speak.

When Sasha was finished with her for the evening, I strapped on a 10-incher, lifted the bitch on my shoulder and carried her to the shower where I banged her pussy with my strap-on while the warm water cascaded over us. She was coming like a two-bit whore as the plastic cock pounded into her small white pussy. When I finished with her, I left her in a heap on the shower floor and went to get dressed and have a beer.

It was almost an hour before our little white bitch came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Sasha and I were both dressed, on our fourth drink and watching television when she walked into the room. She said, "I don't know where my clothes are."

I looked at her and said, "When you're here, you won't wear clothes." She immediately dropped the towel on the floor. "You only wear clothes when you're arriving or leaving. Are you leaving now?"

She looked hurt, and she said, "I'll leave if you want me to leave. But I would like to stay." I nodded my head, which put a big smile on her face. She walked to me and sat on the floor at my feet and rested her pretty face on my fat black thigh. I thought how nice it would be to have a cute little pet like Susie.

Before she left, I asked her if she would rather lick my pussy until I had an orgasm or have me use a vibrator on her until she had an orgasm. Without any hesitation, she asked to let her lick my pussy. She said, "I like making you happy, Miss Keesha. Please let me make you happy."

After our bitch left, I said, "Damn, Sasha, we hit the jackpot with this little bitch. I'm wondering if we should think about moving the little slut in with us so she can serve us all the time. She's completely addicted to our fat asses."

Sasha agreed and we decided to work the little bitch over a few more times and then offer to let her move in with us. That weekend, we decided to have our little white bitch stay over. We devised a few 'fun activities' to try out on our willing slave. When Susie arrived Friday night, Sasha let her in and as she was stripping, she said, "Good evening Miss Sasha. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend serving you and Miss Keesha."

We started off by playing with our new pet. Sasha wore the strap-on and worked over Susie's pussy making her scream each time she had a climax. We let her rest for a bit and then I shoved a few red grapes into my ass hole and told Susie she had to get them out using just her tongue. And if she didn't, we would hang her from the ceiling and whip her skinny ass. It took the kid quite a while, but she eventually got all three grapes out of my ass giving me two orgasms along the way.

The real surprise was after she successfully completed tonguing the grapes from my ass, she begged, "Even though I got the grapes, would you still whip my white ass?" And we did. We tied her wrists and hung her from the ceiling beam so her feet just barely touched the floor and then used our whip on her whole body. I know she had several orgasms as we took turns whipping her pussy, tits, ass, legs and back. Before we finished, Sasha had her open her mouth and we spit and made her swallow.

I took the little bitch to bed with me that night and before going to sleep, she licked me to an orgasm. When we finished, she curled up next to me and quietly moaned. "Mmmmm." I put my arm around her and she said, "Hmmmmm. I feel so safe here with you Miss Keesha."

I smiled at her and said, "You are safe with me, my pet. Sasha and I will make sure nothing happens to you." As I looked down at her face, she smiled that puppy dog smile at me again and snuggled up to me and fell asleep.

Susie was up early the next morning and made a big breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage, muffins and coffee. She served both of us when we got to the kitchen and then sat and watched us eat after asking if she could do anything else for us. Sasha and I wore shorts and tee shirts letting our fat titties hang down to our big bellies. Susie, as per our rules, was naked. I have to admit that I enjoy looking at the young white woman's thin body and her small firm titties and knowing that she belongs to me and Sasha.

As we were finishing up, Sasha said, "Hey Keesh, why don't we see how much our little bitch can take today? Let's get out our toys and see how many times we can make her cum and how long it takes us to make her pass out from coming. What do you think?"

Susie's face registered panic as I smiled and said, "Sure, let's do it. Do you have a problem with that, my little pet?"

"N-n-no M-miss Keesha," she said.

We tied her down on the bed and worked on our little bitch for four hours using every toy we owned. We had two big dildos crammed into her little white snatch more than once making her scream and cry. Sasha found a pair of nipple clamps that we put on her little titties which made her thrash around and scream even more. The vibrators made her cum whether we used them on her pussy or on her sensitive nipples, and we used them over and over. We both wore strap-ons and fucked our little slut until she passed out. We flipped her over and strapped her down again. I lubed her skinny ass, lit a ciggy, grabbed a beer and then pounded her ass with the strap-on while enjoying my cigarette and beer.

The little slut took everything we dished out. Yeah, she passed out several times, but we kept right on going on her body. When we finished with her, Sasha and I stood back to look at her well-used body. She lay spread-eagle on the bed and her pussy was just a big gaping hole with two dildos pushed all the way in. She had another dildo stuck in her ass and the clamps were still on her nipples. We took a few pictures of her and then removed our toys and took a few more of her gaping holes and her beaten and abused slender white body.

We untied her and grabbed beers and headed for the living room. It was almost an hour before our naked slave wandered into the room. She walked over to each of us separately and gently kissed us and thanked us for giving her the most intense afternoon of her life. Then she walked to me and sat at my feet and leaned her pretty face against my massive black thigh, and quietly sighed in contentment.

I looked over at Sasha and she smiled and nodded back at me. I nodded at her and then said, "Susie, when we found you, we were looking for a white slut to move in here with us and serve our needs. We wanted a white girl who wanted to serve and satisfy two big black women." Susie slowly looked up at me as I was speaking with a look of hope on her face. I continued, "You have actually done quite well in serving us and satisfying us. Hmmmm. I wonder . . . . ."

"Yes? What?" She asked anxiously while looking at me with pleading eyes.

"Well, we were wondering if you might be that person."

She jumped up and squealed, "Yes! Yes! Please. I'll do it."

I sort of hesitated and said, "Well, you understand that it would be on a trial basis until Sasha and I agree that you can keep us satisfied and happy."

Susie was eagerly nodding her head and said, "Yes. Yes. Anything Miss Keesha. I'll do anything. Please give me a chance."

I finally said, "OK, Susie. You can move in next weekend. And then we can . . . . "

"YES!" She screamed as she threw her arms around my neck. "I love you Miss Keesha and Miss Sasha and I'll be a good servant for you and do whatever you want me to do to keep you happy and sexually satisfied.

I looked over at Sasha and we both gave each other knowing smiles. We owned this young white slut. She was our property even more so then if we had bought her at auction. She actually wanted to belong to us. She would bring us pleasure for a long time. And we would enjoy playing with and abusing her slender white body and using her in any way we saw fit to use her. And she would love it.,567,167433493,167433493,Zmiana_kariery_po_40_co_jak_gdzie_kiedy_.html