▶️We use And for several reasons:

1. To suggest that one idea is chronoligically sequential to another

I sent him the message and waited for his response.

2 To suggest that one idea is the result of another

I noticed that my mom was sick and decided to close the shop one hour earlier.

3 To suggest that one idea is in contrast to another(usually we can replace it with BUT)

Emma is a kind girl and sometimes a bit serious.

4 To suggest an element of surprise 

👴🏻Mr.Fallen is a rich man and suffers from a rang of disease.

5⃣To suggest that one clause is dependent upon another (usually the first clause is an imperative)

👱🏻 "Use your credit cards frequently and you'll soon find yourself deep in debt."

6⃣To suggest a kind of "comment" on the first clause

💁🏻"Charlie became addicted to gambling — andthat surprised no one who knew him."

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