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Dear partners,

You have probably all heard about ETHTrade. ETHTrade was, and still is in 9 countries, one of the best crypto projects in 2017. They have quit the European and the US market a couple of weeks ago and have returned deposits to all their investors. Have you ever seen a project leaving the market place like that? That’s benchmark!

One of the most successful ETHTrade leader groups “CryptoPride” has just started promoting a new project. That made me curious. So I attended the first webinar. And this what I know so far.

Alpha Cash

So what is so special about Alpha Cash? Well, you will soon realize that there are a lot of similarities with ETHTrade.

Alpha Cash is offering a one stop solution. This is just a short list of services that Alpha Cash will be offering:

-Multi-currency blockchain wallet

-Crypto currency exchange services

-Crypto currency debit cards

-No risk investments

-High yield investments

-Career opportunities

You will be able to invest in 5 different crypto currencies: US Dollar, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. You can still use the old good US dollar to replenish your balance. Having done that, you can easily buy any of those fine crypto currencies with no commission! That’s a huge benefit considering that some of the trading platform would ask up to 25% commission.

Every deposit will work for maximum 360 days. It will expire whenever 200% net profit will be achieved. Monthly profits will vary between 10% and 15%. You can get your principal back with no fee after 90 days. You can get it out earlier if you’re willing to pay a fee. Profits will be accrued on Fridays.

How is the company making money?

Alpha Cash is distributing the risk across four major investment areas.:

ICO is a term that is not familiar to everyone. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. In simple terms: a new crypto currency will be brought to the market.

Affiliate program and career system

Attracting partners to Alpha Cash can really pay off. There are to ways of earning affiliate commissions: Active and Passive. And you can earn affiliate commissions across 5 levels depending on your status:

With every status you will reach, you will unlock new levels. Starting with the status “partner” you will earn commissions from all 5 levels.

So how to move across the different statuses?

Your status will depend on two factors: Your own investment and the investment of your entire structure across 5 levels.

E.g. if you want to become a “promoter” you have to have a deposit of 2.500 USD and have 10.000 USD turnover in your team.

Weekly replenishment and withdrawal limits will be issued for the Beta phase and might be increased right after the Beta phase is over.

How to participate?

Regtration should open 12-16 July. There is no way to register with no sponsor as it might be the case in some of the investment companies.

To regsiter in Alpha Cash not only you need a referral link, you will also need a regsitration code from your sponsor.

This way Alpha Cash makes sure that every investor will have a sponsor that will take good care of his referral.

I will post my link and registration good here on the blog and on my YouTube channel once available.

Stay tuned! In case of questions please join the official Telegram chat:

Please also watch my video for more details:


Please read the following if you would like to register:


Happy investing!