Alexander Blok — The  Double

Alexander Blok — The  Double

One day in foggy October

I walked  recollecting  a song,

(The instance of kissing  all over!

Caresses that cannot be wrong!)

At  last  in  the foggy October

There came  the forgotten song.


I dreamed I was young and not worried,

And you were as live as a bloom...

My dream took me  out and carried

Away from the wind, rain and gloom...

(That"s how  by our dreams we are scurried...

So will you come back, live as a bloom?)


And  then, emerging from darkness,

A  staggering youth,  comes to me.

(Oh what an amazing  likeness

To someone I happened to see!)

Emerging from  foggy  darkness,

A  staggering youth,  comes to me.


"I"m tired of roaming  - he grouses-

And taking the air, so cold,

Reflecting in  mirrors of others

And kissing those girls,  young and old..."

I  fancied that some day or other

I"d meet him again  in this world...


Then,  smiling with self assertion,

 He vanished for ever more...

Sad image...I had the impression

That  I had  seen it before...

Perchance it was  me whom I saw

Turn up as a mirror reflection?