AirSnore - stop snoring at night

AirSnore - stop snoring at night

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AirSnore is an easy to use, one size fits all mouthpiece designed to stop snoring, while the additional AirSnore Drops are made from a blend of natural oils which clear the airways, allowing a better night's sleep. While competitor brands only offer a mouthpiece which isn&rsquo;t designed to be regularly replaced, AirSnore is the only stop-snoring product to combine a mouthpiece with drops. This combo sets AirSnore apart from its competitors, gives it a higher average order value than any other stop-snoring brand, and enables you to earn ongoing commissions from reorders as your customers will need to regularly replace their AirSnore drops. With 41.5% of the UK population alone being snorers, there&rsquo;s a huge market for stop-snoring products and you can promote AirSnore to a diverse audience. Being overweight is one of the most common causes of snoring is, making the weight loss market a key audience to target, while you can promote AirSnore drops not just to snorers, but to people being kept awake at night by coughs and colds who are searching for something to help them sleep better.

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