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AERGO «ARGO» ( is a combination of 4th generation blockchain and an IT-platform, which utilises new and more advanced technologies. It's constituted of a complex ecosystem of an additional dApp, and technologies & service providers, who are using secure models for providing cloud computing. The basic technologies of AERGO will be open-source because it's a truly open and decentralised system.

1.    The project's economic model:

-        Currency: TBA;

-        Total token supply: 500 000 000 ARGO Bits;

-        Total of tokens available for contributors: 30%;

-        Token price: ТВА;

-        ICO hard cap: TBA;

-        Terms of the token sale: ТВА;

-        Allocation of tokens: 30% for sale, strategic partners & communities – 20%, advisors and key players – 10%, market-issuer, and its branches' employees – 5%, reserves – 35%.

2.    Lock-up periods: ТВА.

3.    Token release: ТВА

4.    Activity in the social networks (data captured on 31.05.2018):

Telegram EN – currently absent;

Twitter – currently absent.

5.    Investors:

There is no information about the project's investors at this moment. However, there are rumors about FBG Capital & a Co-Founder of the South Korean exchange Bithumb being among the investors.

6.    Partners: is mentioned as a partner of the project (support & development) ( is a working Korean exchange, founded in 2014 and funded by Samsung. Blocko develops a middleware platform based on blockchain for digital personal identification and payment services.

Its flagship Coinstack is widely used by large finance and tech companies, such as Lotte Card, Hyundai Card, Samsung SDS, and LG CNS. Along with Blocko Samsung SDS launched their own business-platform Nexledger for accepting Samsung Card, a credit card unit of one of Korea's largest conglomerate.

Blocko is a winner of innovative fin-tech lab Accenture in Hong Kong.

Blocko is growing, this year it opened an office in London.

LinkedIn: 197 subscribers and 26 registered employees. The company is founded in 2014.

According to the description, Blocko is a quite a serious company with robust experience in blockchain technologies. AERGO's technical and business teams, founders and chiefs of committees are coming from

 7.      Roadmap:

8.    Token: ARGO Bits - Utility. The tokens will make their holders eligible for specific services available at ARGO Marketplace.

9.     Restrictions for contributors: TBA.

10.   WhiteList/KYC: TBA.

11.   Blockchain: YES (ARGO will be a distributed modern ecosystem built around a high-performance, secure and easy to use public blockchain (ARGO Chain)).

12.   Patents: NO.

13.  MVP: the testnet launch is scheduled for Q4 2018, while the mainnet is planned to be launched during Q1 2019.

Similar projects:

This project is in the same ballpark as Stratis & SophiaTX, and also partially resembles Bluzelle.



Direct quote:

'Their parenting company Blocko has a GitHub page, but it's very anemic. They are building private blockchains, so there are chances that the most interesting stuff is hidden.'



The project represents a blockchain ecosystem, based on the distributed OS COINSTACK, developed by South Korean company


-        DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism;

-        Parallel processing of transactions (there are no specific numbers mentioned, but they promise millions of TPS);

-        The possibility of building private & public blockchains;

-        Blockchains can be modified without hard forking (like version-control systems, forking and committing);

-        SQL-like programming language smart-contracts development, ArgoSQL.

Full Turing calculations & EVM support.

The Whitepaper is rather large, but there is a lot of noise in it. Nevertheless, the basic concepts of the project's realisation are fully described.

The team:

AERGO board:

Phil Zamani - 500+ contacts in LinkedIn

COO (London)

Phil is Global Head of Big Data & Cloud Biz Models at Santander.

He is also a Senior VP of Cloud Biz Unit at Deutsche Telekom.

Hun Young Park - 179 contacts in LinkedIn


Roderik van der Graaf - 500+ contacts in LinkedIn

Roderik is a founder & partner at Lemniscap - investment and advisory firm.

He acts as an advisor at

Committee heads:

Won-Beom Kim - 108 contacts in LinkedIn

Won is founder and CEO of

He is also a technical advisor at Lemniscap.

Jane Lee - 345 contacts in LinkedIn

Jane acts as a СSO (chief strategy officer) at

Prior to that, she has worked for 7 years as a strategic manager at Accenture.

Alison Shim - 500+ contacts in LinkedIn

Alison is CIO (chief innovation officer) at Blockо.io

Earlier she spent 5 years as a strategic consultant at Accenture.

Tech team:

Kyung Tae Lee - Principal research engineer at

Sung Jae Woo - Principal research engineer at

Yun Park - Principal research engineer at

Pierre-Alain Ouvrard - Blockchain R&D at

Business team:

Han Kim - PR at

Camron Miraftab - Director of business development at Вlockо.io

Seona Kim - Business development manager at Вlockо.io

The review of the team:

The team is quite skilled and comes from, they have vast experience in building blockchain projects of different levels.


Eddie Alleyn is a technology entrepreneur and expert in security and secure communications. He spent thirty five years leading special projects for the UK Government, in the Ministry of Defence and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  From 2011-2016 he was Chair and CEO of HMGCC, an agency of the FCO, involved in the design, manufacture, and integration of secure communications and cyber systems for the UK Government. He is now an Exec and Non-Executive Director to innovative tech start-ups in the security and cyber security fields, and an Adviser to SANS Institute. Eddie knows how to get the best out of innovative technology and engineering teams to deliver ground-breaking security solutions.

He has 674 followers in LinkedIn.

Jake Kim - with the deep understanding of the capital market and hands-on experience in back-end computing, Jake Kim manages Seoul based cryptocurrency funds. He is a startup investor and entrepreneur with 20 years of combined experiences in the capital market, consultancy and large-scale back-end and middleware systems development. Jake currently manages Innobase, a corporate venture capital of Kolon group. He has an MBA, and skills in strategic planning.

In his fund portfolio we found some interesting Korean projects, previously unknown to us:

Jake has 500+ followers in LinkedIn.

Dr. Riad Hartani

As an avid voyager (having traveled to 100+ countries on six continents), one of Riad's passions is to explore tech innovation models across cultures/societies/history. His primary focus has been on developing early stage (high risk) tech ideas and scaling them to global markets. He co-founded Xona Partners, a boutique tech strategy & investments advisory firm,, a Fintech startup co-creation studio, and Padovani Ventures, an emerging world focused tech innovation hub. He held various leadership roles in a string of Silicon Valley startups, including Head of Systems Engineering at Wichorus (acquired by Tellabs), pioneering wireless Internet designs, Head of Technology at Anagran (acquired by Saisei), designing Internet networking systems, and Chief Architect at Caspian (acquired by Sable), building Internet backbone routers. Earlier, he held lead engineering roles with Nortel & the Canadian National Research Labs in Canada, Hitachi Central Research Labs in Japan and the French National Research Labs in France. Contributions included the development of Internet and Artificial Intelligence innovations, leading to various academic/industrial awards. He has been a founder and advisor to various tech startups and accelerators in 15+ countries, and a trusted advisor to governments and tech companies, including some of the top 10 corporations and private equity firms in the world. He holds two Engineering and a Master degree (Applied Math & Industrial), all with highest distinctions. He was awarded a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence with highest honors from the University of Paris and finalized his doctoral and post-doctoral work at the University of California, Berkeley - all by age 25. He then completed an Executive Education at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He is a frequent chair/speaker at industry events (200+ conference/industry papers/articles), patent/inventions holder, angel investor, and university lecturer.

He has 500+ followers in LinkedIn.

Djamel Souici

Djamel has 764 followers in LinkedIn.

He is dynamic and seasoned general counsel experienced at leading legal and cross-functional teams in international corporations with a wide range of knowledge in international employment law, compliance management, data protection, mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts and general corporate legal affairs. Focused on shareholder value and aligning with investors and key executives in support of a company’s strategy. Significant acquisitions (including integration), disposals and reorganisations experience. Proven high achiever with over 17 years of experience in fast moving markets and more than 15 years of management experience. Exceptional negotiator and experienced in closing complex deals in international environments.  Commercially and culturally astute. Experienced in developing and managing relationships with key stakeholders and shareholders, including private equity. Thrives in multinational and multicultural environments.

Pierre F. Suhrcke

He has 500+ followers in LinkedIn

Pierre Suhrcke is a leading Fintech expert and investor in Europe, having been active in this sector since 1999. Pierre spent more than 17 years in various senior executive management positions in Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank in London and Frankfurt (Equities, Risk Management and Head of Capital Venture Partners). Pierre is currently a Venture Partner at Tempocap, a European technology investment firm, and a board member of Acorus Capital, a Hong Kong-based Private Equity firm. He is an angel investor, mentor, and advisor to companies - having worked with and sat on the board of - over 20 successful private companies (US & Europe).

Aaron Weaver

Aaron has 615 followers in LinkedIn.

He is a professional registered lawyer, who acts as a Director of Finance at FanPoints, an e-commerce context platform with a high level of influence and focused on China, partnered with Tencent, which fully utilises functionality and the ecosystem's scale of WeChat & Tencent. He is a former investment banker and lawyer with a total of more than 12 years of experience in both spheres. Aaron is a CFA owner and a member of CFA UK Fintech working group. He closely observes ever-changing regulation trends in this sector. His expertise in blockchain is in regulation/corporate communication. Aaron has acted as a vice president at Credit Suisse before he became its director.

Allan Kim

There are 189 profiles with the same name and surname in LinkedIn, many of them lack photos and belong to female owners.

We couldn't find anything using different word combinations.

The paper states that:

Allan Kim is a leading expert and advisor of corporate blockchains and Asian crypto exchanges. He is a member of ISOT C307 Blockchain standardisation committee within the Financial Services Commission of South Korea. He consults the government on serial entrepreneurship connected to the blockchain. Allan founded several successful blockchain companies, like BTC and Blocko. He has consulted on distributed accounting at such companies, as Shinhan Bank, KRX, Samsung, Lotte, Hyundai, KISA, and Korean Assembly Fintech Commission. That is it.)

The advisors are of a very high level and have multi-year experience in blockchain R&D.


Strengths: Despite its early stage, the project looks pretty solid. AERGO is supported by the strong and well-known company - Blocko (the project's senior management & the team work in Blocko), which is very famous for their development of blockchain of different levels. In addition to that, the project has high-tier advisors. Moreover, Blocko architecture, presented within AERGO, addresses the key issues and along with Coinstack actualises a hybrid public-private blockchain model for building a better solution for their corporate clients.

Weaknesses: We were slightly concerned about the Whitepaper, which is rather long, but contains a lot of noise. There is no specific information about token metrics and lock-ups available. The project does not have its own GitHub page, but it might be built within private repos.


Evaluation: It is currently impossible to objectively evaluate the project because of the absence of token metrics and GitHub.