About Me

About Me


The temptation here is to make myself sound as great as I can, but of course that's not actually helpful when it comes to developing real relationships—and a real, long-term relationship is what I'm after. So here's me being as honest as I can about myself in a format simplified for ease of reading (and deciding if browsing the rest of my profile is even worth your time):

The Good

  • I'm a sci-fi/fantasy nerd—reading, writing, and watching stories in those genres are some of my favorite pastimes.
  • I am fiercely loyal to my friends and family.
  • I have a high capacity for empathy, and I practice compassion as often as I am able.
  • I am heavily invested in my sexual partner's pleasure—getting you off gets me off.
  • I love giving head.
  • I've had a vasectomy.
  • I have a (pretty good) job—it pays the bills and leaves some income for more, anyway.

The Bad

  • I can be argumentative—this doesn't mean that I get angry or rude when I argue, but it does mean that I won't hesitate to disagree with you or to take an opposing stance when I think you're not considering the bigger picture.
  • I experience depressive episodes on occasion; sometimes, there's no clear reason(s)—just the result of a primitive meat brain dealing with modern civilization, I suppose.
  • I'm fairly antisocial; not quite misanthropic, but close—I like individuals, but get humans in groups and I'm usually not a fan. This means that I'm not actually all that interested in 'the community.' If my sexy partner wanted to attend some community events, I'd happily go along with her, after first countering her invitation with an invitation to have our own, private fun.
  • I don't want kids. Ever. Considering that I'm looking for a LTR, I understand how this could be a hard limit for some.
  • I'm pretty slow when it comes to doing things—getting dressed, making food, you name it—and I can see how this might drive a certain kind of person crazy.
  • I use the word 'fuck' a lot. (To be clear: I don't think this is a bad thing, but I know some are put off by 'foul' language.)

The Weird

  • I am a nihilist—I believe the universe is a physical accident and nothing at all 'matters' or has any inherent meaning. Why is this not in The Bad, you ask? Well, nihilism can lead to some dark places, for sure; however, it can also be quite liberating and empowering. (See Kurzgesagt's "Optimistic Nihilism") I aim for the latter as best I can.
  • I will shout at the TV (or any device/medium) when I see/hear a politician or other public figure saying stupid bullshit—it doesn't mean much about my real emotional state, so you might think of this behavior as a dog barking at the dangerous and unwelcome mail carrier.
  • I am on the look-out for opportunities to [largely] opt-out of our society. I don't buy a lot of stuff, I'd love to own and live in an off-grid tiny home, and I'd leave my job in a heartbeat if I could figure out a way to make that all work.
  • My wife and I adopted a vegan/vegetarian diet almost a decade ago. It's unlikely we'll ever go back to eating animals.

HSV Disclosure

I have tested positive for HSV1 antibodies.

What follows is the sort of personal trivia that might help a person decide if we share any common goals or interests. If you want to know more about the way I think, read my writings.

My Interests

Sex is my passion. I love participating, watching, listening; I love to read and write about it; I love thinking about it.

I love to be outdoors here in Cascadia, and some of my favorite activities include hiking, trail running, camping, backpacking, and paddling.

When I'm not outdoors, I'm usually at home, reading or watching something in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I try to write, too, but haven't been very successful sticking to any one story for very long.

I love music, and I listen to a wide variety of genres and artists (from Stravinsky to Opeth and nearly everything in between). I love discovering and sharing new music. Seriously, whatever your first thoughts are about this, you are probably underestimating the scope of my music listening habits.

My Favorite Things

I'm in love with Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere.

Favorite book(s): The Dune Saga by Frank Herbert

Favorite movie: The Fountain

Favorite album: White Lighter by Typhoon

Favorite video game: Xenogears

Favorite anime: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Favorite road trip: US 101 along the Oregon coast

Favorite phrase in the English language: Slippery when wet.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for an intelligent, compassionate, kinky sub/slave who would love to be mine.

Messaging Me

Please do!

If you're thinking about it, but can't quite think what to say to break the ice, try reading some of my writings posted here—then tell me what they made you think or how they made you feel.