About ME

About ME

Eyram Sotome
  • I want to help entrepreneurs learn software faster
  • I will help engineers fine tune their technical memory
  • I do help engineers quantify their mistakes so they can accelerate their job hunt
  • I will help engineers learn any language faster
  • I must teach you how to trace my adaptive style so you can use it as your own style
  • I will teach memory to working engineers who want to reduce their study time for certifications, grad school exams & courses after work
  • I will teach engineers how to quantify mistakes that will accelerate their technical memory

What I really want to do is help engineers quantify their mistakes in any way possible. I'm passionate about tracking down mistakes, converting them into errors and giving the support needed to get the desired result. I don't care if that is job hunting, memory or language learning. I just want to help people quantify the mistakes that are obvious to me and help them move past their comfort zone to achieve success.

On Facebook, I had this lady contact me.

Shaina Marie Weiss

She asked me "How are you getting new clients right now?

What’s your biggest business goal for the next 6 months?

What’s been stopping you from achieving this goal?"

Here's what I wrote:

I am tired of not valuing what I know because I caught in the cycle of "Wows". I know what I know is valuable but I can't quantify it because I feel that information that doesn't apply to one person, doesn't apply to ALL persons.

That just isn't true but that's how I feel when I go through the tough process of adapting to others (whether it's a business purpose or not).

I tired of not doing anything useful because of fear.

I trust in Jehovah yet I can't even feed my family because of my own insecurities?! WHO'S MORE IMPORTANT?!

From today, a few things will change:

  • I will teach people to adapt to me without adapting to them
  • I will find out 1) what they need 2) How I can help and 3) why the help is important enough to be done today
  • I will let people adapt to me, even when they buy
  • I will let people adapt to what I teach and want more because they've learned my adaptive style
  • If people adapt to me, I will adapt to them back. The cycle will continue.
  • I'm going to listen to what my audience says they want and I will solve only that problem publicly online.

Problems to be solved includes:

  • What is the problem?
  • Why do they have it?
  • What did they try that doesn't work? Where can I find this proof?

Adapting to their ideal solution begin with:

  • What is their ideal solution?
  • Why is it their ideal solution? What stresses do they avoid?
  • What don't they want to see in their ideal solution?

Giving them my adapted ideal solution (to their situation and the proof) by letting them adapt to me when I give them the adapted solution:

  • What is my adapted ideal solution letting them discover for the first time?
  • Why is it important that they learn this now and not a year from now?
  • What are the consequences if they don't know the adapted solution now?

About me:

  • What are things about me that I don't want to change, even when I adapt to people?
  • What parts of me would I want someone else to abuse, for money, to their benefit?
  • What have people said about my adaptive style?

Before you learn how to draw, you must learn how to trace. Here's how you can trace your (job hunt mistakes/memory mistakes/language learning mistakes) faster so you spend more time drawing results.