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The best metal locator to scan for local gold! The high recurrence of 71 kHz enables you to look for the littlest gold sodorimki even as sand! https://detecthistory.com/ Fisher Gold Bug 2 is exceptionally advantageous and simple to work with great adjusting on the ground, which permits looks even in exceedingly mineralized soils! I have this gadget, I can just say about it a decent, fantastic gold-prospecting gadget with the likelihood of powerful use in different kinds of inquiry. Gold prospecting is typically led in the method of all metals with a limit sound and with exact ground freedom - in contrast to the vast majority of these gadgets, there is a gauge of the VDI of the objective and the ground auto following is supplanted by visual checking of its present stage with the present cut-off stage point showed on the showcase and with viable manual rectification of this parameter (quick setting equivalent to the present or quick manual adjustment of give or take), when all is said in done, I preferred it. In segregation, this gadget works in an unexpected way, particularly like Tesorki (quiet hunt), yet with a two-tone naming with flexible segments. Low conductive targets low tone, high conductive high, the limit between them can be moved acc. With a twister, on the presentation there are enormous quantities of VDI targets and a segment sign of the present setting of the interface. At the point when this parameter is expanded, at first the iron targets are not sliced off and after that start to be cut off, while the cut-off zone is shown on the area pointer. The gadget can work successfully on hard trash on account of a standard 4.7 "curl. The producer unhesitatingly positions the Fisher Gold Bug 2 metal indicator as the most delicate identifier for discovering little gold pieces from all that are available. In contrast to other metal indicators with a lower recurrence, this locator recognizes the littlest particles of gold even in exceptionally mineralized soils. The expert gold identifier metal indicator Fisher Gold Bug 2 is amazingly simple to utilize and is prescribed for utilize both freely and for stripping places where enormous pieces of other metal finders have been found (for instance, Eureka Gold, GPX, T2, F75). The truth of the matter is that in spots where huge chunks are found, in the meantime there is a colossal number of little gold pieces gauging 1 gram or less, which can't be distinguished by other metal locators. Utilizing the switch, you can set the sort of soil: ordinary, low-and exceptionally mineralized. The gadget is furnished with a plastic pole and an oval loop, the control board can be put both on the pole and on the belt. It additionally enables you to effectively look for coins and relics in profoundly mineralized soils and '' dark '' sand. It has a mode for controlling the recurrence of the sound sign in parallel with the volume relying upon the extent of the article (VCO). This metal indicator can be utilized on waterways to recognize purported pontoons (pieces), every perfect curl are waterproof 

Among its key highlights are: 

• Exceptional affectability to little gold pieces 

• Precision twofold ground balance 

• Iron separation mode and hot stone detuning 

• Enhanced sound reaction for profound purposes 

• Low weight, the likelihood of lap mount control unit 

• Includes 10 inch circular pursuit curl 

• Operating recurrence 71 kHz 

• High mineralization (weakened, quick autotune) 

• Normal mineralization (quick autotune) 

• Low mineralization (gain supported, moderate autotune) 

Working Modes: 

• All metals mode (ordinary mode) 

• Autotune all metals mode (sound increase) 

• Iron separation