A2B Taxi is a new revolutionary blockchain built on top of the blockchain. A2B Taxi will induce transparency in every transaction because the A2B Taxi platform will have every transaction details on the blockchain. Making it transparent and visible to anyone and anywhere.

If somehow, you are interested and read this, please go and take part right away the moment you read this so you will not miss the opportunity to be a part of the revolutionary transportation evolution in this century!

A2B Taxi will make the everyday commuting smooth and simple for investors and clients. However, taxi and ridesharing services sometimes lack not only comfort but transparency as well. With the help of blockchain technology, the A2B Taxi platform will revolutionize the Taxi industry for the future. Integrating blockchain with the Taxi industry will ensure complete transparency.

The Taxi industry lacks more information regarding drives the customers can take. A2B will provide a solution to connect customers with accredited drivers directly. This way we reduce the risk of frauds and scams up to 99%.

Transaction payments are made directly into the blockchain which ensures every ride payment details including the drivers identity information and the cost during the trip can be viewed anytime and anywhere in the blockchain. This kind of transparency never did happened once and never did anyone imagine this would be possible. The A2B Taxi platform made the impossible possible. We are a few steps away to a new evolution in the Taxi Industry and A2B Taxi will take the lead!

Global taxi market already reached 100 billion euros, however, there is no reliable system for commuting across different cities. Unqualified taxi drivers cause bad customer experience and dangerous situations on the roads ruining the image of taxi industry in general. It’s been too long since we ignore taxi industry issues. We are ready to launch a unified platform for commuting across 46 biggest European cities. A platform that will be loved by customers and valued by licensed taxi drivers. We are going to revolutionize taxi industry.

Here are the benefits and advantages the Customer can get when using A2B Tokens:

The Drivers advantages and benefits when using A2B platform:

To explain further and easier, This diagram will show clearly how the token economics will work and cycle.

Token owners will have a ton of benefits just by holding A2B tokens.

The owner of A2B Tokens purchased during both the pre-sale and the sale will receive a bonus of free kilometers every quarter. This bonus can be used in every city, where A2B services are available.

Free kilometers will be given only for the token holders who contributed in both the pre-ICO and ICO. If these tokens are sold later, the original acquirer will keep the kilometers, as they are not transferable.

But always take not that all unused tokens will expire quarterly. Free miles are issued until 2022, 3 years after the start in all cities within Europe. After that there would be no Free Mile tokens.

A2B Taxi Platform will give it's first 500,000 customers who downloaded the A2B app with free 100 tokens.

To know more about A2B Taxi,

You can visit the ff:

Website: http://a2btaxi.io/

Whitepaper: http://a2btaxi.io/pdf/whitepaper.pdf

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Facebook: https://facebook.com/a2btaxitoken

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