Zoho Corp. launches Zoho One in UAE

Zoho Corp. launches Zoho One in UAE

Adam Mathews

Zoho recently announced that its new flagship product Zoho One will be launched in UAE. Zoho One provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based business apps which are designed to run an entire business. The leading business management software conglomerate of India has integrated more than 40 web applications and an equal number of mobile apps, all of which can be accessed through a single sign-on interface and are easily manageable with a centralized admin panel.

Zoho One. Suite of Integrated Apps to Run Your Business.

Zoho One provides a unified approach for software development, thus functioning not only as a set of individual products but also more like an operating system for business. Zoho has priced the Zoho One at AED 100 per employee, per month. Zoho targets both SMEs and large enterprises alike.

Zoho has already launched the Zoho One in United States and some countries in Europe, where the product has garnered much appreciation from its users.

Over the last year, Zoho Corp. has steadfastly increased its focus on the UAE market. Last year in November, a customised version of Zoho Books was launched specifically targeting UAE needs. This version of Zoho’s accounting software is VAT-ready, thus helping companies to comply with the latest tax laws in the country. Zoho Books has also received FTA accreditation, which means businesses can file their VAT returns directly from within Zoho Books. This functionality allows companies to reduce inaccuracy and vastly improve on the productivity while filing their returns.

A Comprehensive All-In-One Suite

All the applications that are needed by a company to acquire and serve its customers, run daily operations and work collaboratively and efficiently are integrated in to Zoho One. To name a few, some of the applications are marketing, sales, office suite, business process, mail, finance, recruiting, personal productivity, HR apps, business intelligence and support and collaboration apps. Zoho also allows a provision to build custom apps for unique business needs.

Unparalleled Integration

Zoho One has immensely integrated all the applications that are included in Zoho One. Leading third-party cloud providers are also integrated within the One ecosystem. These integrations connect all the relevant business activities together and foster smoother communication and collaboration amongst colleagues, clients, and vendors. Relevant information from other apps is fetched with the help of contextual integrations that enriches decision-making.

Centralized Administrative Control

Zoho One suite is accessible through one secure account and single sign-on interface. Zoho One also offers a centralized admin panel which greatly simplifies provisioning, access, and auditing. Various company-wide policies, such as ensuring secure access, proper data handling and requiring all employees to use two-factor authentication can be defined by admins using the comprehensive admin panel. Responsibilities of controlling admin panel can be divided as well and delegated through service admins for individual departments.

Try Zoho One Today

Zoho One suite of apps will definitely help you manage your business needs while minimizing a lot of time and effort. Do you own a business in UAE? Give Zoho One a try today and see how they add value to your business. Have a question about Zoho Books or Zoho One for UAE? Call Zoho phone number and learn more about their resource section and pricing.