Zillakami Merch A Must-Have For Any City Morgue Fan

Zillakami Merch A Must-Have For Any City Morgue Fan

Zillakami merchandise is a must for every fanatic of this emerging duo. zillakami merch have a unique style that is both frightening and attractive. Many publications have been praising their music due to its frenzied mix of trap and metal. Revolver declared them to be "fearless", while Kerrang declared that their music was "both at the same time terrifying and captivating."

Despite their dark themes of drugs and murder, they have an innate sense of humor and an appreciation for comics and the popular culture of nerds. Their lyrics are full of hilarious cultural nods. For instance, in their track 33rd Blakk Glass, they name drop WWE journeyman Dolph Ziggler as well the Coke stand-in Nuka Cola from Bethesda's Fallout series. It also references the cult '90s grunge album Bleach.

SosMula and ZillaKami's gangsta-rap emo sounds have been described as "nu-metal on crack." Zillakami, who has pointed to Slipknot as one of the major influences, raps in a hoarse and ragged croon over detuned guitars. They have a fervor for nu-metal that is evident throughout their work.

Dog Boy is their latest project. It's an raucous, lo-fi mixtape with some snazzy riffs. The production of SosMula is heavily influenced in the form of early Three 6 Mafia, and Brooklyn drill. They enlist their fellow New York rapper Bizzy for "Whip Parked" and the track is as chaos as a crash in a car.

The fusion of rap and rock may not be something new, but few have done it as effectively as City Morgue. Their videos take you into their smoky, gruesome world. The music video for "33rd Blakk Glass", in particular, is impressive. Zillakami sneaks into a musty flat, and grabs what seems be an unpropelled rocket.

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