Ysia.ru - Template #115 - Issue #1

Ysia.ru - Template #115 - Issue #1


The infographic images on this site are either in the http://ysia.ru/category/infografika/ category and has "category-infografika" class, or an article with this image has "tag-infografika" class with the "Инфографика" tag

For example: http://ysia.ru/infografika-yakutyane-na-strazhe-rossii/
This article has "category-infografika" and "tag-infografika" classes

All infographic images from these articles contains link, all works properly. Let's look at the article from the issue #1.


There are no classes related to infographics. The article is not located in the "infographics" category. And the article doesn't have an infographic tag. The image from this article has no properties related to infographics. The fact that height is greater than width does not mean anything cause it may be a vertical image. This is just an ordinary image.

So it is not identifiable.