You've gotta SUCK first

You've gotta SUCK first

Eric Standlee

You say Moore's law and the speed of technology has made sucking first obsolete. You say that noone has to sign up to disciple under a master for years to get good at anything anymore. You say that everything is available right now and you just have to watch a video or read a picture on the gram.

I am telling you that anything worth doing that takes excellence to have success takes time and you have to suck first.

If I told you that two people both wanted to be billionaires. One went to youtube and the gram and found something that seemed to be posted by someone they want to be like and copy that willy nilly. The second one found a mentor who was more successful than them and still in the game and still hungry for more and this second person learned by sucking first.

What if I told you that the first person will flip from one method to the next and confuse those around them and maybe find success after years and years and years of sucking first IF they stick with it?

What if I told you the second person who worked hard with mentors and knew they had to suck first so they could have the lifestyle of their mentors took years too, but he was on a proven track?

The challenges you will have will be similar to others in your chosen field. But, you will also overcome in different areas that are specific to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Nothing is "get rich quick" that lasts. Sure I have seen people do that the wrong way but in the end it all crash in on them. I have seen it happen. Short cuts lead to failure even if they get to some success along the way.

You can have success. You just need to make sure you are working with the right people on a proven track.