Your journey will be re-defined through Copa Airlines Reservations

Your journey will be re-defined through Copa Airlines Reservations

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Copa Airlines is the Nation carrier of Panama and operates more than 326 daily scheduled flights to over 75 destinations in over 30 countries around North, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. . This airline was founded originally as Compañia Panameña de Aviación (providing the acronym COPA) in 1944. It was established by a group of Panamanian investors assisted from Pan American Work Airways and began operating in August 1947. Copa also started working on domestic flights with a small fleet of Douglas DC-3 aircraft and in the 1970s, they started international flights to Colombia, Costa Rica and Jamaica. This airline is a Star Alliance Member. This airlines promised to provide world-class services to its passengers. For your next journey book Copa Airlines Reservations. Avail fantastic offers and deals on your booking.

Important things that you should know, read on the blog:


Through Copa, one of the trusted air carriers brand make sure that you travel with no worry. It devoted to provide you excellent services in your journey.

  • Advise about lowest available fares

Passengers contacting Reservations Center, visiting any of ticket counter offices or will be offered the lowest available fare.

  • Notify know delays cancellations and diversions

Copa devoted to deliver all of its flights operating on time. However, major events may result in situations that can affect the normal operation of scheduled flights. It may lead to flight delays of 30 minutes or more, cancellations or diversions. Copa Airlines will provide up to date information within 30 minutes after such changes occur and provide periodic updates regarding non regular situations.

  • Deliver baggage on time

Through Copa, they do everything to make sure your baggage arrives in good condition and on time. If your bags do not arrive with you in the same flight, they will do everything possible to make sure you receive them within 24 hours.

  • Permit reservations to be held without payment for 24 hours

Copa allows passengers to make reservations on and put them on hold for 24 hours. The reserved spaces and fare quoted will remain available for 24 hours in order to allow customers to pay for their tickets, either online. On Copa Airlines Flights get excess of phone service and reservations center or at any of sales offices. If passengers choose to make changes to the itinerary within this time frame, the ticket price may change.

  • Unaccompanied Minor Service

Copa provides an attendant service that will make sure that from the moment the minor arrives at the counter in the airport, passenger will be attended by a passenger service staff. Some rules are set in order to provide this service for young travelers on Copa Airlines Reservations:

  • Little ones under 5 years are not permitted to travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult on all flights.
  • Little ones between 5 and 7 years can travel alone only on direct flights or with intermediate stops, i.e.
  • Little ones between 8 and 14 years can travel alone on direct and connection flights on the same airline. Charges for the service apply.
  • Little ones between 15 and 17 years can travel alone. The unaccompanied minor service is not required, but is accessible for a fee.
  • With ample of services and opportunities by Copa Airlines, get unforgettable flying experience to your journey. Get exclusive offers and deals on your booking as well as business class.