YouTube Clone Script: Creating Custom Video Sharing Website Made Easy

YouTube Clone Script: Creating Custom Video Sharing Website Made Easy

Video sharing has been on the top of the choice list of the internet users nowadays. Users are genuinely interested in sharing and uploading the videos as per their choices. With growing easiness of the available internet services, online video sharing has gained much popularity. The main factor responsible for this is feasibility in the use of YouTube Clone Script that allows the one-click solution to upload, share anything as like videos, downloading videos and uploading new videos, etc.

ClonesCloud, one of the leading companies providing best in the market website development and website clones has developed Vuetubes - an efficient YouTube Clone, that makes the Video Streaming Service totally flexible in using this Video Streaming Website.

VueTubes - An epitome YouTube Clone Script

We at ClonesCloud, have built ready-to kick-start YouTube Clone- VueTubes, which is a sumptuous Groupon Clone designed to build a social yet professional deals website script similar to Groupon. Using our Video Streaming Website you can construct your own Video Sharing Script in multiple languages, that will attract a large number of users.

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Creating Custom Version of Video Sharing Software:

We have come up with ample scope of assistance for customization services in our Videos Streaming Website to let out clients instill additional features that they wish to and create an exclusive Video Sharing Website.

The reasons behind the strong and powerful Video sharing Website:

● Our Video Sharing Script consists of various technologies like Ajax, HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySql, etc. that surround the script to let you experience high user-end experience.

● It is divided into different modules that are pre-tested for quality to guarantee you an error-free start-up.

● Being open-source languages, these technologies make our Video Sharing Script highly strong and capable of total customization friendly to make you stand out from the competition.

Features embellished in our Video Streaming Script

● Common Features:

- 1 Year Support and Updates

- Email Based Registration

- Email and Dashboard Notifications

- Newsletters

- Help Tooltip

- Paypal Standard Payment

● Admin Features:

- Minimum Threshold Amount Management

- Custom Admin Managed FAQs

- Highly Managed Admin Panel

- High-end Admin Panel CMS

- User Management

- Credit Packages management

 ● Provider Features:

- Sign up in Different Steps for PRO

- Place a Quote on Service Request

- User-Friendly Dashboard

- Automatic Service matching notifications

- Place a Quote on Service Request

- Credit Package Plans for PRO

● Customer Features:

- Login with Facebook

- User-friendly Dashboard

- Customer Profile

- Request a Service Form

- Post unlimited requests

- Explore Service Categories

There is much deepness for you as an entrepreneur to dive into the vast ocean of the features that uplifts your Video Sharing Website. Just get in touch with and experience our world class services of VueTubes - our YouTube Clone that we assure of. Let us together get started on your journey of developing your own Video Streaming Software at