You wanted to see me, Sir?

You wanted to see me, Sir?


You wanted to see me, Sir?

I was two steps into his office, my suit jacket sliding down my arms as I walked to my location between the chairs in front of his desk.

“Something has come to my attention that might be interesting.”

It wasn’t normal for him to blurt out what was on his mind when I was summoned to his office. We had established something of a protocol of how this was to work. It was akin to a tribal ritual of exchanging pleasant conversation prior to entering into serious exchange, a ritual intended to maintain civility and peace and calm prior to any interaction. I had thought ours was the same, though it had never been expressed or defined. I undressed and he sat back in his chair to enjoy it prior to entering into any business.

So, his comment brought me to a stop prior to even reach my intended location. After a pause, “Sorry, my dear. That was rude, wasn’t it.” He even looked a bit sheepish. “Please continue.” Which is what I did. I moved to the spot, dropping my jacket in the chair as I came to it. After removing everything but my stockings, heels, and jewelry, I stood before him, slowly turning around before taking my clothes to the tree. Upon returning, “I guess I was just excited to talk to about this.”

It wasn’t my own impression of our ritual, after all. He had recognized it and caught himself violating it. I sat in the chair I usually used, remembering to use the exaggerated motion as I cross my legs. I smiled as I caught him gazing between my thighs.

“What has you so excited, Sir? A new account potential? If it’s a new toy, you should surprise me, Sir.”

He laughed. “No, nothing like that. Do you remember what you blurted out to Deborah and me last weekend?”

“I think I said a lot of things, Sir. I was very horny, as I recall. You were going to DP me with a dog knot in my pussy.”

“Not only going to, I did that. You enjoyed it, too, didn’t you slut?”

“I did, Sir. By my reaction at the moment, there was no hiding that fact.”

“Well, I’ll assist your memory. You were telling us you were ready for everything I wished for you to do for me. Everything and anything. Anywhere and anytime. You wanted us to take the next steps.” He paused while watching me. I remembered those words well. There were more as I recalled. Then, as if reading my thoughts, “You also talked about the slut truly being there. It was confusing at first, but you said she was taking over and she wanted to be used.”

“I remember, Sir. You understand, don’t you?”

“It was confusing at first. Then I understood. The slut we were grooming within you, the slut we thought was there finally arrived at that moment. You felt her presence in you at that moment. A presence that demands to be used.”

I was nodding excitedly. He understood. “Yes, Sir, exactly.” He looked intently into my eyes. “My wife has instructed you well, slut. You don’t slouch when sitting, you stand straight and tall, you hold your shoulders back, making your lovely breasts more prominent. Truly lovely.” He was smiling approvingly. Then, “There will be a situation where slouching will be required.” I looked at him enquiringly. “When I indicate for you to open your legs, like now, I want them over the chair arms.” I did as he indicated and he was correct, I had to slouch to accomplish it.

I smiled at his game, “Is there a point to this, Sir, other than getting a better look at your slut’s pussy?”

“That’s about it, slut. But, it is affirming to see how wet your pussy becomes from these little sessions.” I smiled. It was approving or obedience. It was merely acceptance. “Now, what had me so excited … I got wind of a convention from a friend at the club. We were just talking and this convention came up. I looked into it and it seemed like it might fill the bill to assist you in going to the step.” He continued to watch me. I couldn’t help but start thinking about what options ‘fill the bill to assist’ might be. “This isn’t business related. This would just be … your slut coming out to play. You’ve never been gangbanged, have you?”

There it was, I thought. I expressed my thoughts and feelings and emotions and excitement. And he was listening. He heard and he took it to heart. It spurred us into and through what we thought was a ridiculous sexual act: not just his marvelous cock in my ass but at the same time, a knotted dog-cock was in my pussy. It was spectacular!

He was watching my pussy openly displayed and he smiled. “A true way to judge a slut’s reaction. My dear slut Tina, you are leaking. Hell, it is as though your pussy is winking at me.” I blush, but I don’t doubt his assessment for a minute.

He told me his thoughts. This coming Friday we would catch an early afternoon flight and be at the convention hotel by late afternoon. The convention includes people showing, selling products, providing services, and those attending to consider the options available in the industry. He wouldn’t say more about the industry, brushing the question aside with a, “Does it really matter?” No, it didn’t. There would be men, lots of men. There would be me and only me with those men. And, there would be him to watch over me constantly. Those were his promises. The rest were unimportant details he would manage.

“I’m talking to the slut now Tina. This isn’t for the businesswoman who thought she would be playing with me or some clients on occasion. This is for the slut that burst out finally to be acknowledged. Do we go? Do we challenge the slut’s powers?”

I smiled and looked down at my body. My nipples were solid, hard pebbles. My pussy was open with need, juices seeping out, puddling on the vinyl seat. Damn right, we’re going!

We left directly from the office so we were still in our business clothes, which was perfect for the final arrangement of the suite he was able to reserve on an upper floor. The floor contained a number of suites and was to be one of several floors having hospitality rooms associated with the convention. Walking from the elevators to our suite, we passed a number of other suites being set up for the evening’s hospitality activities. Mr. Woodburn judged correctly that the amount of booze and food on the floor wouldn’t require that we would need much available inside our suite, but he did allow for the minimum required because the rooms were being booked for hospitality. A giggle that reflected some nerves escaped as I considered the hospitality that would be available in our suite compared to the others. Mr. Woodburn sensed it and gave my hand a squeeze.

Our suite was a series of rooms on the corner of the building. The main living, assembly room that could be converted for conferencing or entertaining. A separate large bedroom adjoined it. Each room had its own bathroom but the bedrooms had the large shower and separate jacuzzi. The bedroom had the corner with floor to ceiling windows on each outside wall. The curtains were currently closed. In the main room, Mr. Woodburn was overseeing the addition of a few easy chairs and the arrangement of furniture to his liking.

I was a couple steps from the bed when two pairs of hands stopped me. They turned me around and I found two more standing behind these. I stepped into them and the others came up to encircle me, each finding a part of my naked body to touch, stroke, squeeze, or probe. I had hands on my breasts, my butt, my stomach, and between my legs. I groaned as a finger enter my pussy and pressed inside. Another finger was circling around my asshole and I was very relieved that I was now more comfortable with anal.

I kissed each of the men, turning in a tight circle to do so. I dropped to my knees and my intentions were clear. Each began loosening belts and zippers. I turned to the first cock coming out and sucked it into my mouth. I took two others into my hands and gently pulled on them, periodically changing with a new cock in my mouth and hands.

I felt hands behind me encouraging me to my feet, then moving me to the edge of the bed. I saw Mr. Woodburn standing in the doorway nodding as there was another knock at the suite door. All four men were naked as I crawled to the center of the bed. I felt fingers at my pussy and the subsequent declaration from one to the group, “She’s dripping.”

I smiled, “I need cock, gentlemen.”

Cock I got. They must have known each other because they moved and shared around me with comfort and ease. I was on my back, the men surrounding me. One came up between my legs and eased his cock into my pussy. Another moved his to my mouth. The other two men used their hands on my breasts, nipples and held my legs spread wide. They shifted regularly, moving from my pussy to touching me, someone touching me to my mouth, the one in my mouth to my pussy.

It was almost a maddening process and against what I was used to. In relationships, sex was supposed to a matter of mutual pleasure. Mr. Woodburn’s indoctrination of me into being a slut was about me ensuring the other person’s pleasure above my own. Now, here I am feeling fucked and stimulated while they rotate one after the other through my pussy, stopping at my mouth to be hard prior to their turn in my pussy. The rotation seemed to be a switch based less on equal time as to avoid climax while continuing to fuck me. Each of them was in my pussy for only minutes at a time, but that produced steady and increasing arousal in me. Sometime in their second rotation, I orgasmed. They never stopped, though. Not even to let me flow through my orgasm and to recover. They continued, maybe even switching more quickly as my pussy spasmed around whichever cock was inside.

I wasn’t sure my orgasm fully ended when I rolled over a man lying next to me. On autopilot, I raised my hips, found his hard cock, and inserted it into my pussy. Another cock was brought to my mouth as I began fucking up and down. Finger probed my body, but this time I could tell they were intent on cumming. The man underneath me grabbed my hips and assisted my motion. In moments, he was straining, his hips rising into me as his face strained, his eyes closed tight. His cum shot into me warm and juicy and the feeling gave me another orgasm even if less intense.

The fingers didn’t immediately stop when my orgasm hit. I felt hands pressing against the window as the fingers continued to stimulate me, driving my peak higher and higher. The hands on my back, I realized, were not just keeping in place, but keeping up. My legs became like soft rubber as I shivered and quaked unto the sexual assault.

My mind cleared enough to recognize that I wasn’t pressed against the cool glass, but support against the front of a naked man behind me. My left leg was pulled up and around the man in front of me as I felt his hard cock slide into my pussy. With the aid of the man behind me, I felt hands on my ass lifting me into the air and my other leg going around and locking my ankles. My arms instinctively grasped tightly around the man’s neck and I was moved up and down on the cock in my pussy. Then, after being satisfied apparently, the man behind me pressed a glob of lubricant to my asshole, then a finger followed by a second pushed the lube inside.

I was going to be double penetrated while being held in one man’s arms. I felt my ass cheeks spread and a blunt object pressing against the tight ring of my sphincter. I was very glad I had decided on anal with Mr. Woodburn as the cock pushed through and into me. After a few more strokes, both cocks were deep inside me.

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