Wrong aspect ratio FI

Wrong aspect ratio FI

See on the right, the aspect ratio is clearly rendered wrongly

Edit: WRT "They look correct in mobile app." I'd correct with "They look correct on [my / your] device" (this is the whole point of re-submitting this issue, not to spam admins of course)

This is to show how it can render on narrow screens.
I believe this is due to the usage of tables which are quite unflexible and may end up squish the image or force the user to swipe right (bad experience in both cases).
I've made the case as to why I'd favor avoiding tables here (except for the score card at the top where it's necessary), see https://www.futebolinterior.com.br/futebol/Paulista/Serie-A1/2019/noticias/2019-04/por-vaga-na-final-sao-paulo-precisa-de-feito-inedito-contra-palmeiras for example.

I understand the original issue puzzled people as it may look perfectly fine on wide-enough screens.
Thanks for re-evaluating.


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