Wrong anchor names

Wrong anchor names

Anchor names should be saved as on original site

Checklist says:

3.3. Supported elements

  • Anchor links must work properly on IV page if anchor links exist in the source.

This means that the links must correspond to those listed on the original site.

True anchors

They sent me a link from the desktop browser to the first block:


Anchor link to first block (Scroll occurred)

My template (#116) support a valid hash links and in it anchors will be worked even if they send me a link from the browser to Telegram or vice versa from Telegram to browser.

Template has a true hash of anchors and link will be correctly worked

But in your template (#112) anchors have another (wrong) hash names

Wrong anchor. You replaced original achors to their

Сonclusion: you replaced original anchors to their. External links already not will be correctly work so as on original site.

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