Write my biology essay for me :)

Write my biology essay for me :)

Sam Winchester

 Each student at school has a favorite subject. Someone loves physics, someone loves literature. For me this is biology one of the most ancient sciences, in fact, “Biology is my favorite subject” The development of sciences does not always come from simple curiosity., Sometimes it is just a necessity. The same is true in biology: it was important for a person to know himself, find his place in the environment, protect, protect himself and survive, understand how to coexist harmoniously and productively with nature and live in harmony with the world around.

Write my biology essay for me :)

And to find out how all this happened to me is extremely interesting. Therefore, I always literally, with bated breath, listen to biology teacher in the classroom, afraid to miss at least one word. When one biology lesson ends, I look forward to the next.


In general, I can’t understand how you can not like biology, because this is a science about ourselves and about all life that is on the planet that studies the laws of organic life, the stages of development of the evolution of the world.

I consider biology not only an interesting science, but also very important, therefore I always take my lessons seriously and prepare carefully. In addition to the main textbook, I read a lot of additional literature. In the school curriculum, not all topics are studied extensively, and some, in general, are not disclosed, so I additionally go to a biological circle. There we study biology in more depth.

I liked this subject back in the fifth grade, when we began to study botany and every year my desire for biology grew. And for this my hobby, I am grateful to my teacher on this subject. He was so interested in me because he himself passionately loved this science.

My passion for biology has already determined for me my future profession. I want to become a doctor. I want my knowledge to benefit people. It’s so great to be useful to people.

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Biology is of great and great importance in the life of any person, but unfortunately, not everyone understands this. I am glad that for myself I was able to understand this. And, of course, I believe that I will achieve my goal, as I will do everything in my power for this.

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