Worrying how will you Plan a Hawaii Elopement after COVID-19 Outbreak? Get all here what You can Do!

Worrying how will you Plan a Hawaii Elopement after COVID-19 Outbreak? Get all here what You can Do!

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So COVID-19 is breaking all your wedding plans? It seems quite hard to plan your Hawaii wedding after the COVID-19 outbreak. It has creased almost all occupations and has badly hit the wedding industry too. However, you just don’t worry about what things you should consider to plan out Hawaii beach wedding.

Here you will get all about how you can plan your Hawaii elopement. No doubt the pandemic has created panic all over the world. But nothing comes to an end! You can start your planning by following the tips and important instructions we have summed up here! Just have it down here!

What is the Current Status of COVID-19 in Hawaii? Has It Impacted Hawaii Wedding Industry Too?

Coronavirus has left its footprints almost everywhere and Hawaii is not spare of it. If we look at current status then there are around 647 cases in Hawaii as on May 28, 2020, which is, of course, a big number. The numbers are rising every so often and lurking a non-erroneous fear in public.

Even the Hawaii wedding industry is facing a downfall as n number of weddings have been canceled or postponed there. This roller coaster has even laid off several Hawaii wedding employees engaged in planning and preparations. The financial strain of photographers, wedding planners, and caterers are visible in such a tough time.

Even the chapels and beaches have been closed down for a temporary time zone. There’s a sudden and considerable change in the Hawaii wedding industry after the corona crisis.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Vendors about Safety and Precautions?

Coronavirus has ignited endless frustration among people. All the plans have put to the stake because of this pandemic. So if you are planning for a Hawaii wedding then you must ask some questions from your vendor. No doubt Hawaii's wedding cost will hike up, but that cost will surely pay you off by having a destination wedding at this romantic place. So you can ask for a complete Hawaii wedding cost and all arrangements from them.

Be it about the wedding venue, precautions for guests, implementation of rules, catering and about all other important aspects, you must know. Even you can ask for groom dressing tips that will seem good after this pandemic outbreak.

Here are some key points that can make your Hawaii elopement the safest one after the COVID-19 outbreak!

  • Permission of Authorities

The foremost point to contemplate here is to take permission from the authorities. As a wedding means gatherings and gathering can pace up the corona danger.

Authorities can’t ever allow you to do so. It’s better to talk with them and taking permission. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to hold it as you dreamt of, and you just need to follow all the rules made for everyone’s help.

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See if you can go with your guests or there are limitations on guest numbers as it’s in other countries and does the needful.

  • Have words with Caterers

It’s important to have in-depth care about food going to serve at your wedding. Check with them whether they will charge any fees for any canceling or postponement of order. You need to go through their processes of making cuisines. Also, know about whether they will change the way of serving food or not.

  • Guest List

Well, you should keep the guest list as minimum as possible. Discuss with your wedding planner about all regarding it. If you want Hawaii beach wedding then make sure you have chosen a weekday & not a weekend, otherwise, you might face so much crowd at your wedding.

Besides, make sure your guests are bringing their valid documentation along with them. Also if any of them has any serious medical condition then either don’t come or come with documents of medical history if any need arises.

  • E-Invitations are better

Some still think about why they should send e-invitations. Well, why not? It's quite less costly, saves an abundance of your time, you can print it in any creative way you want and many more. Moreover, besides having exclusive designs, you can make any sort of update without any hassle. For an eco-friendly couple, it’s a good way to save paper.

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All things aside, in the corona crisis, it’s good to not visit every guest at their place one by one. Instead, it’s good to send these e-invitations to them.

Is Eco-Friendly Wedding Possible?

Well, especially in the corona crisis, it’s possible! Instead of booking big halls for jam-packed weddings, its good to go for an eco-friendly wedding, venue, and chapel.

You can keep the crowd as less as possible and can book a chapel for it. Less the guests less would be the chances of corona unfurl. Moreover, having hand-sanitizers in waiters’ trays, who wear white gloves to serve people is essential in Hawaii wedding. By doing the least expenses on unnecessary things and keeping it simple, you can surely head to an eco-friendly wedding of yours.

By heading forward with calculated steps, you can make it happen. But don’t forget to go through the current rules and getting authority permission before letting the wedding happen. Rules are for everyone’s safety so it's good implementing them whole-heartedly.

Happy wedding!