World Wide Blob 2020

World Wide Blob 2020


I was at two Blob events before the virus struck. I am now locked in, just like everyone else.

I want to play me some Blob.

To play the Blob, we usually need:

  • a number of tables of 1-4 investigators
  • an organizer that tracks who deals damage to the Blob and makes announcements along the way and uses the whiteboard or something for this. There is a common pool of resources on that board, so the organizer needs to keep track of how many things are there. Also, sometimes there are global events that need to be announced.

The problem of being isolated is that you can't come to a place to play the Blob. But! You can use the internet.

  • All over the world, there are tables of investigators. There is a Google Sheet that tracks things. Each table designates a table leader who reports to the Google Sheet if there is a change in the common resource, and they keep track of what's going on with the Blob. There is an organizer that looks at numbers to know when to announce global events.
  • If laws don't allow you to leave the house and get in groups, use Tabletop Simulator. Or play solitaire, or 2-had solo, or 3-hand solo, or 4-hand solo. We don't judge.

What's missing now?

We're happy to discuss stuff on Mythos Busters Discord QuarantineCon:

This is my Reddit post that started it all: