✔️Working with Variables is easy. Today about Variables about Man [🇷🇺 Русская версия]

✔️Working with Variables is easy. Today about Variables about Man [🇷🇺 Русская версия]

RU Русская версия здесь

🔻Where they are:

They work in the extensions for chats and mails on Svadba.com and in the extensions for chats and “Smart mails” on Prime.Date

🔻How they look:

In the extensions for chats
In the extensions for mails

🔻What they mean

Obviously, the variables about Man characterize Man

And how they work is easy to figure out. Let’s start.

🔻How to use variables

When composing a mail (invitation to chat), you insert the desired variable in the right place in the text (this is easy to do by placing the cursor in a specific place and clicking on the actual variable about the Man. After clicking, it goes to the cursor location)


Thus, you fill the mail (invitation) with the necessary meaning and, in fact, adapt it to a specific Man.

🔻How it works

If you create an invitation (mail) with a variable about a man, ChatOS will substitute information from the male profile corresponding to the variable.

For example:

{name}! Is {city} beautiful?

A man will get this:

John! Is Seattle beautiful?

It’s because the profile indicates that his name is John and his city is Seattle

There is a question may arise. And if there is no information in the Male’s profile about his city or country, or age, or education ...?

❗️ In this case, ChatOS will not send him a message. A man without the corresponding info will be excluded from the list of recipients.

But you can also use the “Remove irrelevant variable” function when sending mails, if you still want to send a letter to Men, even if their profiles do not contain information about the variables that you specified.

By checking the box, your letter will be sent regardless of the Male profile. And if, for example, Men do not have info in the profile about education (and there is an {education} variable in your text, then this variable will be deleted from the text by the system. Therefore, if you use the “remove irrelevant variable” function, then care so that the meaning of your message has sense even without variables.


❗️ You can also add Welcome variables (which we already talked about in the article) and variables about a Lady (article is here)

Make your invitations and letters special and diverse with the Variables about Men help.

Bright and interesting communication to you! 💚

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