Work results 11.2018 - 05.2019

Work results 11.2018 - 05.2019


Dear Friends,

We haven’t had any reports for a long time but our crypto fund continues to operate normally with the same profitability and we open to the new deposits. Let us not hide the fact that the number of investors has recently decreased and this is primarily due to the long-term "downtrend" of the crypto industry. However, there are those who have already realized that this area will only grow and expand in the future which means that it’s time to increase the volume of the crypto currency in his portfolio.

Market Review

At the moment a lot of investors are confused by the market - it is impossible to determine whether the rebound from ~ $3000 per BTC was a global reversal or we just see a correction due to the fall. It should be noted that it will be possible to count on a positive outcome (reversal) when the level of $6000 is broken through and surely fixed above it. Otherwise, probably we are waiting for the continuation of the downward trend with the new "bottom" update. The same situation is predicted for the top altcoins.

Various chances of possible growth

As for the intersection of the MA 200 and the MA 50 which are discussed by lots of people it can be a positive sign for the market. However, it does not guarantee further growth of BTC directly from its current position. We recommend you to pay attention to a similar intersection in July 2015 and the further movement of the BTC price.

MA intersection in 2015

The capitalization of the crypto market is just over 177 billion dollars. The graph shows the increase in daily trading volume. On the one hand it can be interpreted as a formation of long positions of major players, on the other hand, an increase in the number of cryptocurrency stock exchanges. Stock exchanges are “pumping” trading volumes for both attracting traders and for attracting (“listing”) new projects.

Total Market Capitalization

Particular attention should be paid to the novelty in the field of attracting investments - Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO). The main difference between IEO and ICO is that the exchange itself is engaged in the selection of promising and viable projects the distribution of their tokens among investors. The exchange is also obliged to open a trading pair immediately after the distribution of tokens. In such case the exchange often occupies a leading position in terms of trading volumes as she was first who did it.

A breakthrough in the IEO was made by Binance which successfully conducted IEO for BitTorrent, Fetch, Celer and Matic projects. Many other exchanges also supported the concept of IEO... Thus, it can be said that the market does not stand at the same place but it is constantly evolving.

Trading strategy

Due to the difficulties of the market current standard strategies like "buy and hold" become unprofitable. It is difficult to get a profit when during a few days the price fluctuates on 2% and then in a few hours makes a breakthrough by 10-20%. Therefore, our traders have tried to divide the trade balance as much as possible into many trading pairs and at the same time make quick deals with low profitability. During this time trades were carried out mainly in pairs of unknown altcoins which at the same time have high volatility: IOTX, POLY, DENT, VIB, NANO, FET, AE, ARK and some others.

An example of the entry point for the deal

Traders tried to choose those pairs where the price has been consolidated at a certain level for a long time and at the same time the daily trading volumes increased. Such couples often do not have high liquidity so the amount of funds allocated for the transaction is not large.


In the near future we recommend to trade with extreme care and not succumb to "FOMO". If the bull market has already come that it will not be as crazy as in 2017. We recommend you to take profit more often (albeit not large ones) with next reruns. Also do not forget about risk management and follow the strategy.

All in all, the market gives us the opportunity to work and earn. It is important to adjust for it in time, edit the trading strategy and risk management. Our team is always looking in the future with enthusiasm. We are looking for profitable entry points to the market now for the maximum profit in the future.

We also give you the opportunity to find out more about the services of our Bittrade Group platform.