Work From Home module in HRMS

Work From Home module in HRMS

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How Monitoring remote employees is not a task with Work from Home module in HRMS Solutions?

You are busy in making strategies for making higher profits by capitalizing the productivity of your team and on the other hand your employees may end up on social media during working hours. HRMS Solutions software can make it easy for you to monitor your employee working remotely.


Now that we all have digested the fact that work from home has become conventional, the worry of tracking the employees working remotely has started following everyone’s mind. Every organization’s dream is to know if there employees are making maximum utilization of provided time for tasks and assigned projects.


You are busy in making strategies for making higher profits by capitalizing the productivity of your team and on the other hand your employees may end up instagramming during working hours. HRMS solutions is must in this situation of pandemic.


Does this mean you have to struggle to change their minds?

A big no! You don’t have to waste your time in reading everyone’s mind and neither can you change their habits. Since you are not living in 1990’s, just change the way you have been monitoring people. Simple, right! Introduce new technology and processes in your company. Cloud based HRMS solutions are not less than a gift to all businesses. But, choose the one which occupies max of your load. Mainly focusing work from home module which enables you to track your team remotely and efficiently and even your people will love it!

An HRMS tool must have these features in Work from Home module

1) Dashboard:

Dashboards are centralized page where you can see entire snapshot of your employee’s day/selected time period. It creates analytics, charts and reports which are time taking to create manually but are important for you to make strategic decisions.

2) Work from Home Approval process:

When you offer work from home you don’t want sudden messages stating about your employee’s work from home request. This holds a process and certain ground hierarchy structures to be placed. The work from home module will help you in this case. Your team has to apply for work from home using mobile app where the time period and reason for work from home will be mentioned and you will receive the request where you can either sanction or reject the application.

3) Track the ongoing performance remotely:

The cloud based HRMS tools along with Work from Home module will not leave you even for a second. You can track every single task assigned to team for the day. Your people will update about their daily activities and tasks assigned with the status and next action required to take it forward. You will know how much time a person is spending on one task against the expected time.

4) Adoption of new working pattern:

Gone are the days where person working for 10-7 or designated hours was considered the most productive one. Now, the time has changed. The performance will be calculated on the basis of actual productivity level which can only be analyzed by smart HRMS Software where automated reports will be generated on the basis of the task assigned to an employee verses time spent by him/her. Person delivering maximum output in lesser time will be considered on the top in the list.

5) Attendance Management in HRMS solutions:

The whole idea behind work from home is to avoid travel and still deliver the work on time. Before, your team used to mark their attendance manually using bio metric solutions. Now, marking attendance is also easy with mobile apps. Number of working days can be calculated on the basis of attendance management in HRMS tools like Weladee.

At the end of the day, results matter. Sales have always been about numbers and marketing has always been about presence. As soon as you get better results day by day you are in safe zone. It’s important to adopt and accept changes. Your employees should deserve a good experience whether its office or their own place. They are the pillars of your business ultimately. 100% utilization of resources is only possible if they are managed properly. When you have best remote working tools as your base, your team organization will never face danger.

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