WordPress Plugin Development: What you need to Discover?

WordPress Plugin Development: What you need to Discover?

WordPress has always impressed the potential & visionary website creators around the world. It consistently strives to introduce whatever’s not being practiced & whatever you haven’t experienced during your website designing operations. The leading feature of WordPress is to make it easy for you to create whatever you want. The developers of the CMS usually aim to simplify the process of website building & its different aspects so that the webmaster always enjoys what he does & remembers his footsteps. WordPress designing & development is made up of a trail of procedures that are sometimes easy to forget especially when you’re working alone.  

So we suggest you should better form a web designing team if you target a high-level web address. A website with high DA & PA is usually a result of a dedicated & revolutionary designing & development approach. That’s not possible without a potential WordPress plugin as well. WordPress Plugin Updates are one of those amazing CMS features that differentiate WordPress from other website development platforms. 

There’s a huge demand for specified solutions that target specific problems. WordPress Plugins are called the solutions. If you’ve got an idea to provide a solution to a particular WordPress user issue, you can go for WordPress Plugin Development. In this post, we essentially want to address WordPress Plugin Development & how you can reinforce your skills to develop a web design & development solution for WordPress using this approach. 

At SFWP Experts you may know the plugin development requirements of your website & consult our WordPress Designing & Development Experts for a better understanding of likewise approach. Our renowned Custom WordPress Plugin Development Services are just the best for your website building plans & strategies!

What’s WordPress Plugin Development?

WordPress is filled with updates & modifications that lead to a pleasing website design & development experience. When your website building approach is pleasing & fun, your website UI & UX will also become fun for corresponding visitors. Therefore, you must pay emphasis to the WordPress Plugin Development whether custom made or developed to be used open source. You can also become a WordPress Plugin Developer & cater your services if you’re providing a client. Plugin Development means creating a WordPress Plugin that’s able to provide for a website designing, development & marketing concern.


A WordPress Plugin should have the following features to resolve user problems as such:

  • The plugin should be focused on a specified problem
  • The plugin should be easy to use & understandable for its leading features
  • It should not affect your website database unsuitably or burden it
  • It should be operational & free from unrealistic considerations
  • The plugin must be compatible with the existing WordPress updates & standards
  • It shouldn’t be misleading for promotional means alone
  • The plugin can be classified into custom made or open-source
  • The WordPress plugin should be easy to download & install

Following this, you can offer an ideal & considerable WordPress Plugin support for your client & get his or her feedback on the same. If the client is satisfied you can further make it open source if you attain a corresponding condition. If not satisfied, you can work 2 steps ahead on your plugin development skills. Hiring a skilled WordPress Plugin Developer is not a bad idea too. 

Alternatively, SFWP Experts also assist revolutionary website developers like you to develop built-in solutions for your top clients & consumers. If you’re unsatisfied with your last WordPress Plugin Development Campaign, you can talk to our skilled Custom Plugin Developers & Website Designing experts from San Francisco & enhance your client services right away!

WordPress Plugin Development: Things to Remember

In this segment, we’ll talk about the things you need to learn & remember before executing your first WordPress Plugin Development Campaign. Plugin development could be quite an informative experience but you can face a problem if not having prior knowledge of programming & development. As discussed earlier also, you can take the help of an expert. Here are the various aspects you have to pay attention to so that you don’t face serious issues amid developing your first plugin:

Aim for a Solution

A WordPress Plugin is always created to address a solution to a problem associated with the designing, development & promotion of the client’s website. If not able to solve a problem as such, your plugin won’t get downloaded frequently. A few downloads could not help you make earnings out of WordPress. Moreover, there are many other options available in the WordPress library for users to get over their website building issues. So, the competition is also notable. You should properly focus on the problem you can solve with your plugin development skill & then make a start. 

Conduct your Support

WordPress offers you to conduct a support forum for your plugin. It is really helpful as it lets you interact with your potential users & consumers. You can get feedback right away for your plugin & its functionality. You can make changes to the plugin before executing an enlarged campaign for your plugin development promotion. People often manage to create a 5-star rating for their plugin even if it’s average in the initial performance, just by interacting with their target audience. Hence we suggest you go for dedicated support regarding your product.  

Choose the Right PHP

Now let’s talk about programming. An old version used to develop the plugin would definitely provide an older outcome. The downloads & installations would most probably be low. No webmaster wants to use an outdated plugin that’s not even compatible with the existing WordPress update. Moreover, it won’t be able to provide a suitable solution to a modern designing & development issue. It is also insufficient to provide for website security & maintenance concerns. You can proceed with PHP 5.6 or higher versions if you want to take it to a whole new level. 

Use Quality Codes

Moving ahead to more technicalities, coding is the foundation of every web design & development outcome. Despite whatever ideas you’re going to fill in you need to take care of the standards & protocols of WordPress & then start coding for your project. Quality codes aren’t associated with the aesthetics of your WordPress Plugin. No plugin has anything to do with that in fact. You have to plan for an innovative, functional & easy to understand UI with your plugin development outcome. That’s what you need to put into your definition of quality codes. 

Conducting Testing

Error-free plugins are one of the most important elements we need to consider before executing our development campaign. For testing error-free plugins you can go for Travis CI or likewise tools that are compatible with GitHub & let you know whether your plugin is working fine with associated programming frameworks or not. It also frees you from testing your product in multiple environments. 

It works in a specified manner. An automated test just follows a fraction of a second. However, the case of manual testing is consequently different. Whatever works perfectly for you, you need to conduct a plugin development test for enhanced outcomes. 

Final Thought

You further need to avoid composers as WordPress doesn’t support any global package manager. If you do, it could lead to a fatal error because of identical dependencies. WordPress Plugin Development can make you an overnight star if the CMS decides to make your contribution a notable part of its highly awaited updates. For a more comprehensive form of insight into this, you can reach out to SFWP Experts & learn whatever you want regarding your website designing & development goals. Our experienced Custom Coded Wordpress website design experts are waiting to assist you!!

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