WoW Darkmoon Happy Endings chapter 2

WoW Darkmoon Happy Endings chapter 2


Ah, good youre up, said Wimond as Aroal descended the stairs of one of the inns in Stormwind. Aroal let out a sigh. He had wanted to get up before his brother did but, as it turns out, he had failed in his quest. Seeing no way out, Aroal walked over to his brothers table and sat down. Seeing food on the table, Aroal reached out for some but his hand was slapped away by his brother.

Hey, what was that for? demanded Aroal as he shot his older brother a nasty glare.

We are not to eat yet, said the older paladin. We must fast before heading to the Cathedral of Light. Until we are done there we must only drink water.

Why are we heading there? To his surprise Wimond said nothing at first. He just gave his little brother a smile that said ‘its for the best. And whatever that was, Aroal knew he didnt want to be a part of it.

Well, there are several reasons that I dont have time to mention at this moment, said Wimond as he took a sip of his water.

Well I have plans for today, said Aroal as he tried to grab some food again, only to have his hand swatted away.

No you dont, said Wimond as he eyed his younger brother.

Yes I do, said Aroal as he quickly searched his mind for any possible excuse he could use. Only one came to mind and it was a long shot. But he had to try. Im meeting up with Master Don Omar. I told you yesterday after we returned from Darkmoon, remember?

Wimond crossed his arms. He didnt remember much from yesterday due to the ale. But he did know Don Omar. Earlier in the year, when Aroal was still in his early days as a hunter, Wimond had come along to ‘assist in his brothers training. However, Don Omar apparently didnt like it how Wimond kept ‘correcting the master and trying to tell his brother what he was doing wrong. Even when Don Omar himself said it was perfect. Then, halfway through the training session, Don Omar shot an arrow at Wimond and told him that he ever showed his high and mighty face on his training grounds again the next arrow wouldnt miss. The message was clear and ever since then Wimond had never returned, staying out of Old Town completely.

I will have to send a message to that man, said Wimond with a sigh of defeat. From now on I want any more training sessions to be approved by me, understand?

Control freak, muttered someone else sitting at the table. Wimond got up, fist raised to pound whoever said that. What happened next, Aroal had no idea for he had a break for it before his brother could change his mind.

Once he was out of the Inn, Aroals first stop was to check in with the trainer just in case the man had any missions for him. However, Don Omar was out to the Faire which sounded like a good idea to the young hunter. He wanted to try his luck again with the Draenei girl or finish what he started with Kluhina.

As he made his way to the portal leading to the Darkmoon Faire, Aroal began to think more about his time with Kluhina. The experience itself had been…amazing. He would never have lusted over an Orc before, but he found that he was. Maybe it was because they didnt get to finish what they started. Or perhaps it was because it was so taboo that most humans wouldnt even consider it. It was the forbidden fruit that he had tasted and now wanted more. But whatever the reason was, Aroal was entranced by Kluhina.

It was a good twenty minutes later till he was back in the waiting room of the Darkmoon Spa. This time he was alone for a good five minutes before the female Gnome entered. She looked at Aroal for a moment and then smiled.

Ah yes, she said in a cheerful tone. I remember you. Yesterday right?

Thats right, said Aroal with a nod.

Well youre in luck because I have several beauties for you to choose from. She then turned her head towards the hallway she had come from and called out for the girls. Aroal raised an eyebrow, not ecstatic about the choices. The first girl that came out was a Dwarf woman with white hair with a lot of wrinkles and liver spots. Next was a Forsaken woman who was missing most of her flesh. Lastly there was a bold headed Goblin that when she smiled he could see that she was missing several teeth. If this was luck, then he was in hell!

He was about to ask if he could wait awhile for someone else when the forth girl walked in. She was a Worgen with a silver grey coat and a white face mask that reminded him of a husky. Her long black hair, he noticed, had several braids along its sides. She had that perfect hourglass figure that none of the other women had. Her dress was much like the others, a two piece, which was red. As he looked her over, he felt like he had seen her somewhere before. Then, as their eyes meet he remembered her as she took a step back, clearly recognizing him.

Her name was Pilana Foxhunt, a Worgen warlock that he knew from his travels. They had left to help serve the Alliance about the same time and had run into each other on more than one occasion. She was funny and smart, a good combination in his opinion. However, it was his brother who made sure their time together was short. In the paladins mind, anything that had a curse on it was unfit to be in his presence as well as his little brothers. And when he found out she was a warlock, well the shit hit the fan. But what was she doing here?

Just then, someone else entered the Spa. Turning around Aroal saw a plump, red headed Dwarf shaman entered. His eyes widened and a smirk appeared on his face as he saw Pilana. As he did, Aroal heard a whimper escape from the lovely Worgen as she tried to hide behind the undead girl. Sadly it was a losing battle to hide behind a girl that was smaller and much thinner than her.

Good day, good day, said the Dwarf. I see Pilana is up and ready for me it seems. Hope shes ready for another round because this guy is! He then began to laugh, not noticing that the girl he wanted didnt want to be near him.

Im sorry, said Aroal suddenly. But I was about to pick her for myself before you entered. This caused the Dwarf to stop in mid laugh. He then looked at Aroal with a serious look on his face.

Oh, is that so lad? he demanded. Well, I called her out first so she is mine for the next hour!

Baven, the human was in front of you, said the Gnome. He gets first pick as is fair. Grumbling, Baven took a seat while Aroal paid for the hour. Once the money was in the Gnomes hands Pilana took Aroals hand and led him down one of the hallways. As they walked, Aroal saw a Night Elf that was dressed like Ysera coming out of one of the rooms. Must be one of the special requests that I heard about yesterday, he thought. He was then led into a room, much like the one he was in yesterday.

Alright, lets get you naked, said Pilana with a predatory smile. Oh, and thanks by the way. You saved my furry behind. That Dwarf can get pretty rough. Last time he was here I lost a couple chunks of my fur.

No problem, Aroal replied as he began to undress before the lovely Worgen. Mind telling me why youre here?

Bills, she replied with a sigh. They werent kidding when they said that enchanting was a poor mans profession.I spent so much money trying to buy shards and enchanting dust that I didnt have enough money for food or rent. Then I heard about this place and heard they were hiring. Its a good job for me. I get a lot of gold for doing something that feels so good. The only downside is that I cant refuse a customer after they have paid. Now Aroal was naked and Pilana was taking in the sites. And what are you doing here away from your oh so holy brother? I cant imagine that he would approve of you visiting this place.

He doesnt know Im here, said Aroal as he sat on the table. Had to lie to him just to get out of his sight. It was that or join him at the cathedral for several hours.

Lay on your back, said Pilana. As he did, Pilana shook her head. Aroal was a friend and sooner or later she would have to get him to stand up to his family. They were still trying to control his life.But that would happen later. Right now she had a job to do and judging by his package she was really going to enjoy this one.

Well this is different, said the naked human once he was on his back. I thought I was going to get washed up first like last time.

Oh you are, said Pilana as she disrobed. I just like to make it more personal. Now she was in her full naked glory. Aroal couldnt help but compare her breasts to Kluhinas. Both were large, but the Orcs had been larger. But still the pair in front of him was very nice. Grey fur covered her entire body, he noticed, except her nipples. Aroal watched as she moved to the end of the table and picked up one of his feet. She then began to lick it slowly, sensually. She licked every toe and in between them. Once she was done with both feet she made her way up his legs, then to his chest. She licked his nipples before making her way up to his neck.

Aroal had to fight from squirming. Pilanas tongue felt good against his bare skin. It was both soft and warm. He was a little worried however. He knew what happened if a person was bitten by a Worgen. There was the chance that if she accidently bit him he would change into one of them. While Aroal didnt completely object to the idea, he wasnt sure how fast the transformation would take. If it happened to fast he would put innocent peoples lives at risk and he wasnt sure if he could live with himself if that happened.

Then, his fear doubled as Pilana moved back down to the one spot she had intentional avoided: his cock. Right now it was nice and stiff, ready for her. Pilana stared at it with her yellow eyes for a moment as she imagined what it would be like when it entered her. But that moment was still in the future. She took hold of the member and began to stoke it while licking the head. Every so often she would stop, release it from her grip, and begin to lick the dick up and down until it was covered in her saliva. Then she would go back to stroking it and the cycle would repeat itself.

I think its my turn, said Aroal after a few minutes. Pilana looked up and grinned in understanding. As the hunter got up from the table she crawled on all fours until she was where Aroal had been before laying on her back. She then spread her leg and brought her clawed hands down to her lower lips so she could spread them. Aroal then got back on the table and brought his face close to her exposed slit. He stared at it for a moment before giving it a lick to taste out the flavor of her exposed flesh. And after one lick he dove right on in, pushing his tongue as far as he could into her pussy folds.

Pilana bucked her hips at the sudden intrusion of her partners tongue. She could feel it moving within her, searching and feeling her out. It felt so good that she began to make whimpering sounds in anticipation. She began to push her lower region into him, trying to get his tongue to go deeper. Then, to her displeasure, he pulled out. She was about to say something when Aroal began to lick her now exposed clit. She threw her head back due to the pleasure as his tongue assaulted her clit. After a few minutes of this Aroal then give it a light nip. The effect was immediate as Pilana came. Her juices slashed onto Aroals face who lapped them up to the best of his ability.

As Pilana lay there, panting from her orgasm, Aroal moved on to all fours. He then moved up and positioned himself at her entrance. Pilana looked at him for a moment as she felt his cock press against her folds. For a moment they stared into each others eyes before she nodded, giving him the unspoken permission. Aroal slowly slid his cock inside as he savored the feeling of her pussy. It was warm and wet, but not as tight al Kluhinas was. He waited for a moment or two before he began to thrust in and out. It was slow at first but soon he began to pick up speed as her insides became warmer.

Pilana moaned loudly with each thrust. Her eyes were shut allowing her other scenes to become stronger. She could smell his scent mixed with his lust as his sweat began to cover his body. She could feel the impact of each thrust better.

Yes, thats it, she moaned. Yes fuck me. Fuck that pussy with your nice hard cock. Yeah, you like that baby? You like my hot, dirty pussy? Hearing her talk like that caused Aroal to pick up the pace. As he watched her breasts bounce he suddenly felt the urge to reach out and grab them. So, with a smirk on his face, he reached forward and gave the right one a squeeze which caused Pilana to moan even more loudly. It was feeling so good she just couldnt help it. Then, without warming she got a wicked idea. Please pull out.

What? asked Aroal quickly as he complied with her wish. Is something wrong?

Not really, said Pilana as she got up onto all fours with her ass pointing towards Aroal. I just thought you would like to finish up doggie style. Aroal couldnt help but grin as he slid back into her. He was still hard and knew he would cum soon.

Pilana closed her eyes as she savored the feeling of his cock as it hit several nerves that he couldnt before. Also he went in deeper than in their previous position. It felt so good that her tongue began to hang out of her mouth making her look more like a beast. She could feel her pleasure build up so much that it could burst at any given moment. And by the hunters speed she knew he was close as well.

Pilana, Im going to cum soon, he all but shouted.

Do it, she cried out. Cum in my pussy! Spray my insides with your white juice. Please do it for me baby! And with that he made one final, mighty plunge into her pleasure box. The Worgens eyes widened as she let out a long howl before she collapsed.

Aroal pulled his cock out as he lay down next to her. He then slowly reached over to embrace her and bring her warm, furry body closer to his. She was slightly trembling in his arms, but it soon ended. He felt her body relax next to his. Seeing her react like this made Aroal feel good inside. That not only was he given pleaser, but he also gave it as well.

Pardon me but your time is up, said the little Gnome woman. Oh, and please keep it down next time. Dont want all of Darkmoon to know whats going on here.

Several minutes later Aroal was dressed and back on the streets of the Darkmoon Faire grounds. On his way out the Gnome had told him about a special promotion. He could sign up and each time he visited he would get a chance to win the ultimate massage. He could pick any provider even more than one, for as long as he wanted on the last day. And if this wasnt enough, he would also get a free nether drake battle pet. Needless to say Aroal signed up and planned to win this little contest.

Aye lad, came a voice behind him. Aroal turned around and saw the Dwarf he had seen earlier. The Dwarf beckoned to him, so with a shrug Aroal walked over towards the food court where the dwarf was. As he got closer he noticed that the Dwarf wasnt alone. There was also a Night Elf couple and a male Troll all sitting at the same table. Have a seat lad.

Ah, thanks, said Aroal awkwardly as he sat down. Sorry about earlier.

Not a problem lad, laughed the Dwarf. Managed to get a Tauren after you snagged the fine Worgen lass. Now where be me manners? The names Baven Stormanvel. This here is Ryrion. Baven gestured to the male Night Elf who had dark purple skin and bright green hair that was braided down his shoulders. His face was hardened as well as battle scarred. Aroal could tell that this was a warrior who had seen many battles. That and the heavy armor that he wore. And that be his mate Tinedra. Tinedra was ever different form her mate. Her skin tone looked between a light purple and pink while her hair, which was pony tailed, was a dark purple. Her facial markings reminded the hunter of butterfly wings. She was dressed in the white robes of the priestess and had a kind smile. And this here eyesore be called GalVis. The Troll had bright blue skin, large tusks, and a bright red mohawk. He was dressed in the robes of the druid and didnt seem to be put off by his introduction. If anything he seemed more amused.

The names Aroal, said the human hunter to everyone. So, how did you all meet?

Same place I meet you, replied Baven. We are customers of that there massage parlor. With that the Dwarf gave Aroal a wink, letting him know that they all went there for the same reason.

Well this is a surprise, said Aroal as he looked at the Night Elf couple. You both dont mind?

It was my idea, said Tinedra with a blush. After nine thousand years of marriage, life in the bedroom gets a little…predictable. When we heard the rumors about the parlor, we thought it might be a great way to spice things up with a threesome.

Night Elf pussy be too good ta pass up on, said GalVis with a nod. We be seein each other in da waiting room den here for some drinks. We be talkin about who be givin da best service an comparin notes.

So lad, if you dont mind me asking, why are you going there? asked Baven. Not that Im judging or anything, but a lad like yer self shouldnt have a problem with the lass

Oh, I guess its mainly because of my brother, answered Aroal as he looked a little embarrassed. My parents asked him to watch over me when I left home and since then hes done his best to control almost every aspect of my life. He keeps me moving from place to place so theres not a lot of time for me to get to know any of the girls I meet along the way. Tinedra shook her head.

Thats pathetic, she said. Its your life and your letting someone else make the big decisions for you. If youre a man then tell him to fuck off!

Now, now, said Baven as waved his hand at the priestess. I dont think anyone at this table should be passing judgment.

Well Ive only been there twice, admitted Aroal. So before Pilana I was with Kluhina.

Shes the Orc, correct? asked Ryrion in a deep voice. Aroal nodded. I have heard that she is new. What kind of services does she provide?

Didnt really get to finish, admitted the human.

Baven grinned. Better luck next time.

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