Winning Crypto Calls

Winning Crypto Calls

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What does the subscription include?

  • Access to the Winning Bitmex Signals VIP - In this channel, we provide signals on coins which are available on Bitmex. Also, we offer our trading strategies and thoughts about the market. 
  • Access to the Winning Crypto Calls VIP (Classic) - In this channel, we provide signals on coins which are listed on regular exchanges (like Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex etc.). Regular signal involves: buy zone, sell zone, stop loss, technical analysis. 

How often do we post signals?

  • In Winning Bitmex Signals VIP we are trying to give signals on a daily basis, but sometimes the market doesn't offer anything interesting, so we should stay without any position or just hold one. Generally, we post 23-26 signals in one month.
  • In Winning Crypto Calls VIP we post one or two signals every day, except those days, when the market is red, and everything is falling. However, also there are days when all coins are growing, so we can give more than two signals in one day. But generally, we post 35 - 50 signals in one month. 

Who is in your team?

Our team consists of three traders; we have been working collectively for almost five years, since 2013. Before we met crypto business in 2016, we have been doing forex and stocks trading, already at this time we developed some strategies that allowed us to make significant money on trading. Time went on, and one of us discovered crypto industry. At this time we already have our methods of doing technical analysis, and rate of success trade was about 85-90%. We've started working with crypto in the late 2016 and made mad money on it. In June 2017 we decided to create the crypto channel in Telegram (at this time there were 10-20 such channels) where we share our thoughts about the market. Right now I can confidently tell that we are the team of professional traders with their strategies, methods, scripts and exclusive bots. 

Which signals do we post in our channels?

Basically, our signals are based on technical and fundamental analysis. I reinforce each idea with an analysis of the chart and a detailed explanation. I try to give you as much info as possible, so you will be able to decide on your own: either you should open position or not. This is how usual post in premium channel looks like:

Why should I choose exactly your channel?

First of all, we do not force you to buy the subscription, it is only your choice. Answering this question, I will try to express factors that make our premium services very profitable for you. 

  1. We invest our own money in each our signal, so we are interested in its quality, not in quantity. If it is signal in the marginal channel - we comment all price movements and tell our decisions about the position. If it is signal in classic channel - we always say at what price we bought the coin and for what price we are going to sell it. 
  2. If you have any question - you can always count on our support. We work about 12 - 15 hours every day, so we can guarantee that you will always have a fast response.  
  3. We explain our work strategies to premium members, so with time you will learn how to analyse the market and do your own research before opening a position. We also share TA analysis with every signal. 
  4. First, we share signals and thoughts in the premium channel, then in the free. This gives premium members an opportunity to open position for a better price. 
  5. According to the statistic, 95% of the premium members are pleased with our services. 

How to buy the subscription on premium channel?

First of all - it is important to understand, that channels are separate: if you buy subscription on the Bitmex Premium Channel - you will get an access to this channel and to the chat.

Secondly - prices. You can pay in two different currencies:


Monthly subscription: 0.025 BTC

Lifetime subscription: 0.05 BTC

If you want to buy a subscription - you can contact me:


Right now we have exclusive discounts. Usually, you need to pay for each channel separately. However, if you buy the subscription now - you will need to pay only one price to get access to both channels. This discount is actual until BTC didn't reach 7500$.