Will Next Gen Games Be 1080p

Will Next Gen Games Be 1080p


Will Next Gen Games Be 1080p


Why can't the next gen consoles hit 60 fps? . I can run a good amount of games at 720p 30. So if the next gen consoles . as well as some that are doing 1080p .

60 FPS Native 1080P PS4 Games List . I think that next-gen consoles have no excuse to run at anything lower than 1080p 60FPS, .

How to make a next-gen game for PS4 and Xbox One. . Ryse points the way for the look of next-gen games in . (The previous generation supported 1080p, but most .

Opinion - Resolution of next gen games. . Resolution is unknown but rumoured to be 1080p, the game displays a massive amount of high quality characters on screen .

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