Why you should try Every Door

Why you should try Every Door


Recently, the Every Door editor became available in F-Droid, and I thought this was a great reason to tell you what I like about this editor. By the way, the editor is also available for iOS πŸ˜‰

1. Easily add POIs

Do you want to map a new store?

Tap +, select a location, POI type, and fill out the card. Thanks to the iD presets, you can map POIs in detail without even remembering all the tags.

Wrong type? Click on the title in the POI card and select the correct one

And in buildings mode, you can accurately add entrances and buildings by dragging and dropping buttons.

Entrances (and objects on the roads) after loading themselves are magnetized to the lines

2. You won't forget anything

One of the editor's goals was to update the OSM data. Use the check marks next to the POI to mark it as existing. If the POI hasn't been checked for more than two years or has a fixme tag, the editor will highlight it in yellow.

Note: the editor shows missing fields for POIs in the general list

In micromapping mode, items without important fields will have a white dot, while in buildings mode, the building will be white.

Buildings without an address will have a question mark

3. Fastest Hours Editor

StreetComplete has the most intuitive editor for opening hours. Vespucci is the most complete. And in Every Door, the fastest.

Don't let the look of it scare you β€” try it out in action!

4. POI filtering

Find yourself in a mall among thousands of POIs? Don't panic, filter your POIs by floor and hide the ones you've already checked.

Be sure to read the FAQ about the difference of /3 3/ for the floor designation

5. Download data and satellite images in advance

Going on a hike to map every tree in the forest? In Every Door, you can download data in advance and the necessary satellite images.


– Ability to enable the left-hand interface

– Direction editor (for example, for surveillance cameras)

– You can return to the current position not only by using the target button, but also by using the Back button

– You can turn the map to the north by long pressing the target button

– In the settings, in the About app section, you can find the FAQ. For example, there you will learn how to translate blanks.

– Suggest ideas and report bugs to the developer on GitHub.Β 

Download and map everything in your city!

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