Why you can't apply new rules to old templates

Why you can't apply new rules to old templates

Illia Pyshniak

You can't apply new rules to old templates

Here is analogy

Yesterday I walked through the woods, which was allowed

Today passed a law that prohibits walking in the woods

Can I be judged for yesterday's "violation of the law"?

Of course not (unless you live under dictatorship)

Actually, there is a way

You can append new rules to old templates, but with one little "if"

IF you notificated all members that new checklist will be used to check old templates that have been submitted before Update of Checklist

And you did it

But not in this case. You notificated all members about new rule for using several accouts

Example of good clarification of rules

But in this case you are wrong. You notificated us about new rules, but said nothing about this rules can be used for checking all templates

So you must not use new checklist for checking old templates. That's all

And due to this, you can't use new checklist to check my template, which was submitted 19th March when new rules came 21th March

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