Why use dehumidifiers

Why use dehumidifiers


Many people know about dehumidifiers. But not everyone buys them and uses them in their homes or apartments. And that is very unfortunate. They are useful and sometimes necessary devices.

It is worth to understand what their function is, how useful they are and what threatens people because of the high level of humidity.

Why excessive humidity is harmful

Humidity affects human comfort and well-being just as much as temperature. But while temperature is given a lot of attention, humidity is not so much spoken about.

By buying and installing a powerful dehumidifier for about 50 liters, such as the one at https://dryallaround.com/review-frigidaire-ffad5033r1-50-pint-dehumidifier/, you can easily solve all problems related to excessive humidity even in a very large house or industrial premises.

Studies show that humidity levels of 40-60% are the most favorable for humans. It is in this range that the human body manages to effectively cope with all infections, resist bacteria. This humidity has a positive effect on the work of the protective properties of the respiratory system. It also affects the brain activity, the work of the heart under minimum stress.

In addition to the effects on the body, excessive and insufficient moisture has a negative impact on the environment of the house. Cladding materials deteriorate, wood dries out or rots, tiles and wallpaper fall off.

Here are a few examples of what humidity can do in your apartment or house:

  • the appearance of mold and mildew;
  • swelling of the wooden floor;
  • corrosion of metal products;
  • Moisture entering computers and electronics;
  • Failure of electrical appliances and home appliances;
  • risk of short circuit;
  • the formation of puddles on the floor;
  • reduction of the effectiveness of the thermal insulation of the house;
  • freezing of the ventilation system;
  • food spoilage.

And this list could go on and on.

Dehumidifiers vs. ventilators and heaters

There are two standard ways to deal with humidity. Ventilate the house or turn on the heaters.

Using a heater can dry out the air. Then the comfort level in the room will be even lower. Plus the energy costs will also be high.

Airing also has its disadvantages:

  • street air is not always dry, so the effectiveness of ventilation will be minimal;
  • ventilating the room, heat escapes as well, which is unacceptable in winter;
  • If there is smoke or unpleasant odors outside, it will be impossible to open the window or window sash.

Dehumidifiers are definitely devoid of all these disadvantages. They are able to maintain an optimal humidity level. It can be adjusted manually or automatically.

Dehumidifiers, unlike heaters, are as economical as possible. You don't have to pay a huge amount of money for electricity.

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