Why is Yahoo Messenger Closed?

Why is Yahoo Messenger Closed?

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Yahoo Messenger is Dead

Yahoo messenger was one of the first ones in the market along with AOL messenger. After some time, MSN messenger and Gtalk arrived on the scene, and the users shifted to the new ones. However, Yahoo was not dead right after the launch of these programs. It was still used within Yahoo for internal messaging, and the normal user didn’t get into it. 

Then came a power shuffle within Yahoo, and the messenger became a product that lost its touch. And after some time, all desktop-based messengers lost relevance due to the mobile device’s takeover. Yes, since mobile devices have become a dominant force in the industry, everything is being developed for mobile devices nowadays. 

And the last nail in the coffin pinned when WhatsApp was launched back in 2009. After the launch of WhatsApp, there was no chance for Yahoo messenger to survive in the wild. These mobile messengers offered so much to the users, and the convenience became the key. And since then, the focus of the users shifted to mobile-based impressive technologies.

Yahoo tried to revive the messenger quite a few times, but it wasn’t to be. Now, Yahoo messenger is dead for good, just like Yahoo chat room.

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