Why is Video Production so Important for Startup Business?

Why is Video Production so Important for Startup Business?

Gursimran Jassal

Over the years, there has been a full-on visual revolution that has changed the face of marketing forever. One thing which stands out the most today among other forms of the content on the web is the video content marketing. Yes! Videos have become a powerful tool in a marketer’s kit and believe us they are not just for big companies anymore! But again, standing out in a crowded news feed of many interesting and branded videos isn’t a child’s play. Therefore, professional video production services are gaining the edge. Right from the smallest to the biggest companies in the world are so eager to create mind blowing promotional video content which will connect them with their audience impact fully. Video marketing is an important part of their social media marketing strategy and YouTube marketing.

Videos are getting the most popular:

Okay, so videos are getting increasingly popular day by day. But if you think those popular videos are just for entertainment purposes centred on pets and jokes revolving around marriage, celebrities etc. then you should double check your research. Today, a video is one of the most essential elements of your marketing and promotional toolbox. 84% of people believe that videos are fun to watch, and they have liked or shared a brand’s promotional video on their social media page. If you are a marketer or a business, you should venture into the world of videos right away and leverage the popularity of this content type.

An essential part of communication:

Corporate video production is an essential part of communication. Communication with your clients and customers about your brand, existing range of products and services, new launches, new product or service announcements, and other updates is a lot more effective when done through a video. If your videos are engaging enough and tell an interesting story, then more and more people will subscribe to your YouTube channel. Many of the biggest brands in the world maintain their social presence on YouTube, Vimeo and other video platforms which proves they are largely using video content as a part of their marketing strategy. A good video production company can ensure that your videos are of the highest quality.

People are addicted to narratives and storytelling:

Videos are visibly transforming the way businesses reach out their target audience. What’s the reason for such immense popularity of these videos? The fact is that whether it is B2B or B2C videos people are addicted to narratives and storytelling. 71% of marketers say that video conversion rates outshine all other marketing content. Such is the impact of videos.

In 2018, video sites such as YouTube, Netflix and gaming are taking the viewers by storm. Not only people are hooked to watching great videos, but they also tend to share the most interesting videos with their friends and family to watch. This way your brand’s core message is circulated across your potential customers who are using the digital media channels. The credit certainly goes to the internet, smartphones, and mobile data which have made videos easily accessible. A great video production company can create an attention-grabbing video for your brand.

Videos are actively influencing the buying habits:

Video production can have a strong impact and influence on customers’ buying habits. More importantly, nowadays advertising through videos is now the ground zero to build a bond with your consumers. If the video ad or video commercial is good enough, people share it, comment on it and help popularise it. In the Q2 2014 report of YouTube Insights, the bottom line was, brands that are hell-bent on identifying customers’ passion are the most loved ones by the consumers. They are successful in influencing and driving new purchases more than others.64% of people confess that a brand’s video appearing on their news feed connects with them like no other and it has influenced them to try a product.

A well experienced video production company can understand your requirements better than anyone else. With a flair for creative design and storytelling like no other, professional video companies are delivering thousands of effective videos to their clientele. So, let’s wait no more and join the video bandwagon!

Source: http://www.abcrnews.com