Why is OnlyFans so popular? What is OnlyFans exactly?

Why is OnlyFans so popular? What is OnlyFans exactly?

Michael Breese

Not long ago the word OnlyFans started to be the order of the day. We started to see how different influencers added a link to OnlyFans in the bio of their very successful Instagram accounts with thousands and thousands of followers.

Next, OnlyFans began to be associated with pornographic or erotic content. And it caught our attention to see celebrities who had nothing to do with this type of industry succeeding on their OnlyFans accounts.

However, we are also surprised to see other well-known people who had nothing to do with this business jumping on the OnlyFans bandwagon. Examples are Dani Daniels, Cardi B, or Bella Thorne.

Cardi B Onlyfans

The number of people participating in this network, both as consumers and generators of content, is increasing every day. Currently, OnlyFans has more than 60 million users worldwide.

Faced with this display of success, it is natural to ask ourselves: what exactly does OnlyFans consist of, does it only serve to publish and consume pornographic or erotic content, why is it so successful, how did OnlyFans come about?

How did OnlyFans come about?

To begin to understand the OnlyFans phenomenon, let's start with the basics: how did this idea come about?

This idea came from the mind of Tim Stokely, a British entrepreneur whose initial plan was to create a platform that would allow influencers to capitalize on their publications.

That is, OnlyFans was intended to be a kind of Netflix, but instead of series and movies you could watch premium content from your favorite influencers by paying a monthly subscription.

And so it was since 2016, the year in which OnlyFans began to exist. On their website you can read, "If you use social media to produce your own content, you should be on OnlyFans. Whether you upload tutorials, tips, making-off footage, or selfies, many followers will be willing to pay for it."

However, in a short time, influencers gave way to performers in the porn industry, who saw OnlyFans as an opportunity to self-manage their content.

The truth is that it is a very lucrative way to generate economic benefit: 80% of the revenue goes to the owner of the OnlyFans account. You can set a subscription price of your choice, from $5 to $50 per month. And believe us when we tell you that many people are willing to pay that price for access to exclusive content.

The pandemic situation we have been immersed in since the beginning of 2020 has only increased the success of this platform. Many people have seen OnlyFans as a way to generate income without having to leave home.

200,000 new accounts are created every day. 10,000 new content creators join the platform daily. The social network has grown by 75% between March and April last year. Its success is undeniable.

How does OnlyFans work?

You can participate in OnlyFans in two ways: either as a consumer or as a content creator. In both cases you will have to provide your bank card details (keep in mind that PayPal is not accepted on OnlyFans), and create an account.

If you are one of the former, you will only have to choose the profile you want to follow and subscribe as you do in any other subscription platform. By paying the monthly subscription (the price will vary depending on the amount chosen by the account owner), you will be able to access all the content on the account, be it photos or videos.

How to access to OnlyFans for Free?

There are Websites like MegaNudes or OnlyPacks which offer private OnlyFans content for free. These websites offer packs of pictures and videos that you can download for free. These packs contain premium content and are hosted on services like MEGA or Mediafire.

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