Why is On-demand Flower delivery app is one of the most invested business?

Why is On-demand Flower delivery app is one of the most invested business?


Flowers are one of the traditional and popular methods of showing appreciation, affection, and gratitude towards our friends and family. It is certain that the flower is going to be evergreen as the tradition of gifting someone flowers cannot be replaced by anything else. With the on-demand Flower delivery app, users can customize the packaging and send it to people.

The growing technology and increased usage of smartphones have brought many florists worldwide to partner up with the flower delivery app. Uber for the florist app acts as an effective medium for flower business owners to enhance their business and get more loyal customers. With some deep analysis, understand the business strategies adopted by your competitors and then develop the flower deliver app such that it conquers the shortcomings of similar niche apps in the market.

Flower deliver sector stats and market trends

  • As per IBIS reports, the revenue generated by the flower delivery business is $800 million, and it is expected to grow in the upcoming years.
  • Last year alone, the flower market gained $60 million in the US alone.
  • Around 36% of flower purchases are used for home decorations. This is the new trend that is going on that is to use flowers for home decor.
  • Among the flowers sold online, 34% are fresh flowers, 46% are from outdoor breeding/ gardens, and 20% are flowering green house plants.
  • In the flowers that are purchased, 63% of the buyers purchase it for themselves, and 37% gift it to others.

Advanced features that ought to be part of flower delivery business

Features are crucial aspects to attract more customers and florist partners to the Uber for flower delivery app. Here are some of the looked out features:

  • Analytics: The app should provide real-time analytics for the partners through this; they can know the current trending flowers and equip themselves with those flowers.
  • Notifications: The notification should act as announcements regarding offers, order status, discounts offered, and so on.
  • Customized flower & gift sets: Customers can choose the flowers to make the bouquet and the gift wrapping of their choice. There must be attractive wrapping for special occasions such as birthdays, valentine’s day, anniversary, etc.
  • Chatbot: Customers can ask their order related queries through live chatbot features. This chat option should be available at all times.
  • Live video session: Customers can schedule live video sessions with the concerned florist using this feature.
  • Display trending: The trending session should contain the flowers and gift wrapping that customers mostly ordered.The best online flower delivery business should have all these features mentioned above, to lure more customers to the app.

Winding Up

With the high-end flower delivery app, you can easily lure customers to your platform. Make sure you choose the flower delivery app development company that meets your requirements and get the Uber for florist app.