Why investing in a property is a wise decision?

Why investing in a property is a wise decision?

Vinay Bajrangi

Property purchase is not an everyday purchase that requires a small expenditure. It is a byproduct of your blood, sweat, and the toil of an entire lifetime. So, this matter has to be dealt with very cautiously. 

People are careful to choose auspicious times while purchasing or housewarming in their new house. A Vastu-compliant house uplifts the owners' fortunes and infuses them with positivity. An expert Vedic astrologer would certainly be able to pick the right timing and help you to take well-informed property-based decisions by examining the position of planets in your natal chart. Owning property is a wise decision any day. The Own House Predictions by date of birth and time are given accurately by an astrological expert. 

Mars controls land and property. Secondarily Jupiter and Venus are important as they help you purchase a property.

How are property astrology predictions given, based on time and date of birth? 

Property Astrology Predictions are accurately given based on time and date of birth. A property transforms into a home once the owner enters it with his family. Time of purchase is a crucial factor. The 4th house in your natal chart governs home, birthland, mother, etc. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn are the planets that influence the native's purchase decisions and decide the time. It will help if there are specific yogas in your natal chart to own a property. Even a royal scion will not enjoy his inheritance if his chart shows no property yoga. 


What are the Property Yoga’s?

Ascendant lord and the lord of the fourth house should be fortified if the native intends to buy several real estate properties. In the chart of people who own multiple mansions, the 4th lord is exalted and in his swakshetra. 

The 9th lord represents the father. The connection of the fourth lord with the ninth lord hints at the native inhering ancestral property. The maternal property will be inherited if the 4th lord is positioned in the 2nd house. The placement of the fourth lord in the seventh shows that the native will inherit spouses' ancestral property.

If the 4th lord is well disposed but is associated with the sixth house, initially, the native will undergo property feuds but will win at the end. 

If the moon is aligned with the eleventh house, it shows the native possesses luck for buying a home. If the moon is not in the seventh, which is governed by Venus, the native inherits the property of in-laws. 

It is good to have Property Yoga in Horoscope, but they have to be purchased in the most opportune periods so that the native would flourish and build the assets. Some certain auspicious timings and periods favor the buying or selling of a property.

What are the auspicious times to buy or sell the property?

You are likely to buy a house during the favorable bhukti or dasha of the fourth lord. A well-placed position of Venus and Mars Dasha will also favor buying a new property. 

If Favorable planets such as Jupiter or Mars enter the 4th House, they indicate that a property purchase is in the offing.

If planets carrying favorable influences move over to the 11th house, they indicate a property purchase around that time. The 11th house is a house of profit and gains, so the property will be considered a gain. 

If the 4th house/lord is associated with the 12th house and simultaneously the dasha of the 12th or 4th house is running, then it extends its influence on the native to purchase a property. 

The period in which Mars aspecting the planet transiting over the 4th house indicates a good time to buy property. 

Antardasha, Mahadasha, and pratyantara dasha of Mars are always Auspicious Times to buy or sell the property

Rohini, Uttara Aashaadha, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra are favorable for buying a new house, booking a flat, or laying the foundation for your factory or building. 

Property purchase is a momentous occasion for everyone, barring none. It is time for celebrations and new beginnings in the family. The extent of your own property determines your security and stability. It is, however, a welcome risk that needs to be taken by the individual. As the investment is too huge, it is very important to consult and avail the services of an able Vedic astrologer to help you with the decision of your life.

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