Why should you grant rights to bot

Why should you grant rights to bot


For telemetr_io_bot, a number of rights are necessary:

  “Change channel info” - the minimum right for a bot so that the channel can be verified on the service and get basic information about it.

  “Post messages” - the right required to collect statistics on publications / messages in channels / chats.

  “Add new admins” - for communication between channel administrators regarding advertising, cooperation, etc.

Do not worry about the fact that you give the bot such rights. Of course, our bot will not publish anything, change channel settings and add administrators. Its only function is to collect channel information. This is a feature of the work of Telegram itself for collecting statistics.

  Note! Our bot will add another user (userBot) to administrators. This is a technical requirement to obtain the required information.

What kind of information the bot collects, read in this article

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